HRH Captain Wales RHG/D - will CGS want a word?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Glad_its_all_over, May 12, 2013.

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  1. Couldn't help noticing in the press coverage of the young chap's very good visit to the US - and fair play to him, he's playing a blinder - that he's both up and out in his new-fangled MTP kit. I wonder if he didn't get the memo, I gather that the high heidyins are a bit arsy about this sort of thing nowadays.
  2. He is wearing combat 95 ^~
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  3. What he said. Albeit mixed dress, with a CS95 MTP shirt and PCS trousers!
  4. Good combination that, wonder why it was not included in the new uniform set?

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  5. It's a good sign as to the overall state of health of HM Forces - that the grown ups need not concern themselves with anything more pressing or urgent. Might I assume that the procurement blackhole is addressed, that the eqpt program is back on track and force structures rebuilt?
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  6. One of about a million over the last 48 hours in the press ^~
  7. Cheers. My laziness knows no bounds today. :)
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  8. That's what I go for on the odd occasion that I wear uniform and a '58 pattern belt.
  9. This photo could be used as a case example of "how to charm a girl's knickers off".

    Just look at the body language of her in red and of the woman behind her, who is pushing to get closer & (presumably) capture the Princely Captain's attention. Should he so choose, he's there....

    Good on him.
  10. That lad could walk around Washington in a Red coat with a Brown bess and still get the Yank girls lathered up.
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  11. In other news - I've been told that the lads are NOT to wear 58 pattern belts, as it is officer attire.
    The mind boggles.
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  12. Actually, I was telling the Mrs last night that I liked him wearing his working gear rather than No1 or No2 Dress.
  13. A bloody good bloke, but he always looks a bit scruffy to me, maybe he needs to change his tailor?

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