HR uses poetry to address staff

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WORKERS at a Melbourne call centre have been told how to dress appropriately in a poem that wouldn't be out of place on The Office, according to one employee.

The staffer, who wouldn't name the call centre, posted the cringe-worthy poem on the internet. He said it was emailed to the company's 1000-plus staff.

The poem read:

"The weather’s warming up and the beach looks so inviting.
Today you are at work: so you’re looking clean and tidy.
Tempting as it is to put on a singlet and your thongs,
In our work environment we have some rights and wrongs.

"Let’s start down at your feet; you know it’s really quite important,
To wear a closed in toe as you walk through our departments.
As much for health and safety reasons as it is for image too,
At (name of company) thongs are not a valid form of shoe.

"Shorts and singlets, little skirts and tiny summer dresses,
It’s more important to work in clothes that properly impress us.
You don’t have to dress too formal, you just need to know,
That beach outfits, while at work, are really not the go.

"Your style is delightful and we love to watch you shine
But it’s important to dress appropriately at any given time.
So dress for work and we’re sure that you will look divine,
And when you finish you can change and enjoy the sunshine!

"The consequences of shabby clothing I really need to say,
Are as serious as Formals and enforced leave, without pay.
We hope this rhyme is clear enough to properly explain:
The dress code still applies at work in sunshine, snow and rain.",23636,22790555-5012426,00.html

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