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Anyone got any info on this job? is there anyone on here doing this job? i was wondering about the oppertunities in being PT and do you travel around to different places alot. Is it on the higher band or lower band of pay?


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are you talking about AGC(SPS)?? its suggests that you are, but (i may be having a blonde moment) you said PT??

if your talking about AGC(SPS) then here are the negatives :(

Chances are high that after you get to your fist unit you will get fat and eventually biffed forever
there is no job satisfaction
everytime there is an SPS meeting (informal) of any kind, all you can hear is tools talking about work
everyone thinks of you as a lesser species
if you dont memorise the hundreds of JSP's then (on the offchance someone asks you something trivial) they will think that you are shit

possies :)

your in the army
you get paid
i think th.... no but
no its gone. thought i had something else there...
if red, blue and green are your favourate colours then you are in for a treat! :D

hope that helped.

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cheers, just theyve decided i have to wait 18month for my 1st job choice and im confuzzled now. do you acctually get to travel lots and join join in with over jobs? i heard you could do PT work too? just wondering what will be best, whats HR and finance army pay? maybe il be better trying to increace my hours back up in my civie job and waiting, then id have to do selection and all again, or trying RAF or navey, but i dont fancy being at sea though.

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