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HQNI 1989


Dear the old and bold of ARRSE, I've had a lot of time on my hands recently due to being on furlogh and I've started a little project.

I first served on an Op BANNER tour in mid '97 mainly working in South Tyrone and South East Fermanagh and I have a distinct memory of patroling past the old Kilturk PVCP which by this point had been closed for a couple of years. I have often wondered what had come before.

I Have started to put together an ORBAT for HQNI in 1989 (every ORBAT online is 1989). I've got most of the regular units but I'm struggling to put together the UDR. I've found the HQ locations without a problem but I'm struggling to find the individual Coy locations. I have a couple such as C Coy 6 UDR at the Deanery but that's about it.

I'd like the ARRSE membership to fill in the blanks if they could with the locations (a name of the base and a GR or address if possible) and the resident sub units.

What I have so far is below:-

Ulster Defence Regiment

Regimental Headquarters Ulster Defence Regiment

Comd: Brig Charles Ritchie Late RS
Location: Thiepval Bks, Lisburn

1st/9th (County Antrim) Bn Ulster Defence Regiment
HQ Location: Steeple Camp, Antrim
Formation: 39th Infantry Brigade
• Antrim
• Ballymena
• Carrickfergus
• Larne
• Newtownabbey

2nd (County Armagh) Bn Ulster Defence Regiment
HQ Location: Drumadd Bks, Armagh
Formation: 3rd Infantry Brigade
• Armagh
• Glenanne
• Newry
• Portadown

3rd (County Down) Battalion Ulster Defence Regiment
HQ Location: Ballykinler Camp
Formation: 3rd Infantry Brigade
• Ballykinler
• Kilkeel
• Rathfriland

4th (County Fermanagh) Bn Ulster Defence Regiment
HQ Location: Grosvenor Bks, Enniskillen
Formation: 8th Infantry Brigade
• Enneskillen
• Lisnaskea
• St. Angelo

5th (County Londonderry) Bn Ulster Defence Regiment
HQ Location: Shackleton Bks, Ballykelly
Formation: 8th Infantry Brigade
• Ballykelly
• Ballymoney
• Coleraine
• Magherafelt

6th (County Tyrone) Bn Ulster Defence Regiment
HQ Location: St. Lucia Bs, Omagh
Formation: 8th Infantry Brigade
• Castlederg
• Clougher
• Omagh

7th/10th (City of Belfast) Bn Ulster Defence Regiment
HQ Location: Palace Bks, Holywood
Formation: 39th Infantry Brigade
• Carryduff
• Girdwood
• Holywood
• Ladas Drive
• Malone Road
• Newtownards

8th (County Tyrone) Bn Ulster Defence Regiment
HQ Location: Killymeal House, Dungannon
Formation: 3rd Infantry Brigade
• Aughnacloy
• Cookstown
• Dungannon

11th (Craigavon) Bn Ulster Defence Regiment
HQ Location: Mahon Camp, Portadown
Formation: 3rd Infantry Brigade
• Lisburn
• Portadown

No doubt I will have more questions as time goes by such as "what was the Lisnaskea Incremental Roulement Battalion and what was their AOR?"

Many thanks.
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They are all in a Friday night whisky induced stupor at the moment. Once they have had their breakfast in the morning and nurse had given them their meds, I am sure that they will be banging away at the keys to tell you that 1st Loamshires under Lt Col Bufton Tufton were the Lisnaskea Incremental Roulement Battalion and that their AOR covered Dublin.


We were seconded to 11 UDR at Fort Mahon in early 87. They were having a bit of a rough time. Within two hours of arriving the klaxons were sounded for a mortar attack. My memory of that particular battalion is that although we had respect for the UDR and the daily dangers they faced, we were made to feel less than welcome. I think their TAOR was mainly Portadown and Lurgan. I was glad we were only there for a week or so, but I will say their cookhouse was top notch.
Worth a read and gives some flesh to the bones of life in/with the UDR.

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