HQ, Support and Field Sqns

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Which is the 'best' to be in? I am currently in an HQ Sqn and it's becoming clear than I am going to have the shittest tour known to man - being lock up in camp for 7 months. Waste of a medal.

    However speaking to other people in my trade in the field Sqns, there going to have a much better tour, being out in the FOB's.

    Anyone served in an HQ and Field/support Sqn? How do they differ, which did you find better?
  2. beats the usual comment you normally hear "WASTE OF RATIONS"
  3. HQ and Sp does the enabling, getting the kit forward (important job, critical at times)

    Fd Sqn Does the shitty bit at the end. (important job, critical at times)

    Both are important, just in differing ways.

    Both 'earn' medals, but again in different ways

    Best depends on your job. You? Either. Acting as a hub for all the comms from the outposts is as important as being in the outposts relaying messages back.

    At least in a Sp Sqn you wont be making the brews under fire.
  4. So are you saying that everyone who goes on tour and stays in the rear areas working shouldn't get a medal?

    As FB says all are important, and essential. You are the only one who will know which one you like the best. Personnally I preferred an Armoured Sqn to anything else, but I also enjoyed the Field Sqn's I was in as well.
  5. I have played in all the different types of Sqn and enjoyed all of them. As has been said all have there own job and all need each other at some time to complete the task.

    Only you can say which one is the best. My personell fav was a Fd Sp Sqn, but the choice is yours.

    As to 'A waste of a medal' if you look around there are plenty of people who will take you out so you can earn your medal if you feel you haven't. Being stuck in the Op's room is your choice 100% of the time.