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Discussion in 'RLC' started by The_Big_Floater, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Sorry Boys, I have a bit of an issue I thought you fellow RLC might help me understand.

    Within the LSR's you have 3 task Squadrons and 1 HQ Sqn... Within the task Sqns you have approx 120 Personnel to look after and control a vehicle fleet of approx 70 Prime movers. (When up to full strength) this includes a Sqn Ops and 3 Taskable Troops (in the real world) Obviously not including the Supply Squadron.

    How come there is no movement in the 8005 to give the same to an HQ Sqn, who end up with about the same kit but only an MT Sgt and 5 bods. Forgetting Comms troop who do their own thing and in My LSR expect their vehicles to be controlled by the MT. It didn't happen at my last unit...

    Surely A HQ Sqn should be entitled to at least one Transport Troop of the same as a task Sqn... :?
  2. Unfortunately not. Each of the vehs assigned to HQ Sqn will have a driver allocated from the relevent dept, be that Regt Ops, QM's Dept, RAO etc. I know where you are coming from because you will not get the manpower out of those depts to carry out the routine maint on their vehs.

    Normally the HQ Sqn MT gets hammered with managing the same amount of vehs as a task sqn.
  3. Surely with the advent of IT based MT you don't need actual manpower to keep things going. You just sit behind your PC with your mate JAMES, never venturing out except to the butty wagon. Easy.

    As for the Dvr Comms Specs, they have even less manpower to manage the £5m plus of a small thing called BOWMAN which has the 'flatties' running scared.

    Stop snivelling and get your covvies on.
  4. I would mate, but I don't work in either departments.....

    As for sitting behind a james terminal, who actually carries out the phase 1 and 2 maintanence, themselves, bloody vehicle fleets of today hey, not like the knockers of my day :) :)

    I feel sorry for the poor MT Sgt who as stated has to deal with it all because the Dvr of the vehicle has other responsibilities so is not physically able to look after his Exercise truck....

    And just to add to it Mr Comms Spec, should you not be looking after your own Platforms and not someone who isn't vetted.... 8O :D
  5. Show how out of touch you are mate.JAMES is a computer system used to forecast and record maintenence etc.
    Unless of course you have a moreup to date JAMES system which first parades vehicles,maintains CES,carries out stables parades etc etc........
  6. I could'nt have put that better myself :)