HQ ISAF - Whats it like???

Hey guys, im being sent to Afghanistan in February and dont know much about the place im going to, ive seen a few pictures in a death-by-powerpoint presentation but i would like to know what its really like from people who have already been there. Any info about the camp/surrounding area would be great.

Cheers lads

I'm sure that 'terry' would love to know too!

Why not wait till you get there? Spoils the suprise otherwise, plenty of time to find out whats going on once your there I'd expect?!
full of officers, cramped, utterly boring running round the circuit to name a few...

on the plus side the 2 can rule is not overly enforced, the milano does a fine pizza, and nearly all the accomodation now has internet access (even if it is slow its still free), and if you don't spend all you cash on sh!te then you save a bucket load :D

I'm sure more will follow but it all comes down to how busy you are... lots of time off (unlikely) = fukcing huge boredom
The current gym is good. I believe they are due to construct a new gym complex which will contain a swimming pool, or at least they were clearing a large patch of land and the drawings I saw seemed to indicate so...

Your enjoyment of being there will all come down to what you are doing. If you are office based, you might as well stay at home. If you are going to be out and about, it is interesting enough and 'relatively' safe.
Sgt_Henno_Garvie said:
but i would like to know what its really like from people who have already been there.
Well to be honest the difference between HQ ISAF and Helmand battle group is like the difference between two toddlers fighting over a dummy and a gypsy bare knuckle fight. In other words, there's no comparison.


HQ ISAF is on the ball, spent 4 months there. Anyone who whinges about it should have a word with themselves or get to the FOBs which are fcuking spartan. So to answer your question, It is living on top of each other, but the food is good, the facilities are good and it better than living under a bivvi.
its like a holiday complex, volley ball courts,astro turf, gym, cinema,bars,aircon,internet, 4meals a day. But if your force protection chances are you will be to busy bad luck old boy!
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