Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by GeneralMalaise, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Never before in the history of armed conflict/peace keeping has there been such a self-licking lollypop. HQ ARRC has now well and truly ensconced itself in Kabul, Afghanistan and the self-perpetuation machine is in full flow. A wise man once said that it takes approximately 400 staff officers to self-generate work. Imagine how much hot air is created in Kabul with over 1000 personnel in the HQ ARRC self-generation machine.

    Indeed, my COS was heard to comment the other day "HQ ARRC (HQ ISAF IX) is like a giant balloon with 80% of the people inside sucking and 20% of the people blowing."

    Roll on the next 8 months!!!!!!
  2. Hear that life in JHQ and Elmpt is a real ball with many excellent parties and lots of spare!
  3. There were those of us who thought we were coming on an Operational Tour. How wrong we were.
    It's more like a Butlins...

    Care for a game of Volleyball or Basketball? Or how about a mini World Cup football competition? Felt you've worked hard in your air conditioned office? Why not relax in the gay bunny rabbit garden and have a nice cold beer...

    Don't spare a thought for the guys stagging on in the sangars protecting your sorry arrses. It's ok, we finally moved from tents into corrimecs (well most of us anyway), it wasn't as if we needed to sleep in the heat of the day for those first few weeks.
    At least the Laundry is finally able to be used, but the intial one day turn around has been sacked - it's not as if we get through two sets of combats in a day when we are out patrolling the streets, so who needs clean clothes? All you staff types can quit with your comments about the smell. Maybe you should remember back to when you were a subaltern and how the blokes should come first...

    Come on down to the ops room and I'm sure an offer to stag on in place of the lads would be warmly welcomed.
  4. I bet the weeks of training and trip to Norway were really worthwhile. Mate in JHQ says that having you guys away is excellent as the pace of life has slowed down nicely for summer.
  5. your right fellas, what the fuk happened to eating dust!

    Still you checked out the beauty spa, the ukrainian massuce is none to shy about dishing out a happy finish if your nice. puts you in a great frame of mind when hooning down JB.
  6. You better keep it quiet or that will spread round Rheindahlen and Elmpt like wildfire!
  7. Another great day in the Sand!!
  8. Question:

    What is the most efficient way of cutting your wrists? Is it straight up the arm or across the wrists?

    Someone put me out of my misery...

    Hang on, I've got 120 easy ways out of here (ok, ok, realistically I'd never make it past 30).
  9. It seems that just whenever you get a chance to sleep at your workstation, they call another meeting!!
  10. reply to pants are us:

    Its called soldiering mate, get on with it stop whinging. Constant moaning is like white noise, so is listening to staff officers. So come on pants r us pull yourself together and dont lower the FP COY high standards to that of a the desk bound pond life who can only but dream of being in your shoes and doing what we all joined for to be a SOLDIER . FP COY life is good keep up the hard work.
  11. Fair enough. Like the part of your comment in bold...

    Those up above might as well be back in the UK for how far away they are from the realities of life outside the wire. For all the moaning, I can't deny that it is a privelidge to be able to get out on the streets and interact with the people. It's just a shame that the REMFs can't stag on more so that we can get out there more and do our job.
  12. The Sanger Duties is a highly responsible job that takes a lot of self Discipline and control in times when all is calm. When incidents do occur it takes lighting reactions self confidence and well skilled drills. Do we really want a desk malingerer fouling his underwear in the corner of the Sanger in times of crisis, I think not. Pants r us advice is free, loyalty has to be earned?. Show no fear for the devil for devil will surely show you none FP COY Rock.
  13. Right, you gotta have special qualities to do that kind of thing. Very glad you enjoy it!

    I compare it with aircon, dust free and coldwater machines. It is a difficult choice!
  15. But clearly file 13 and FP Coy are loving it. I am just keeping an eye on the Officers who visit the masseuse!!