HQ ARRC to UK, JHQ to close?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by THE_EDITOR, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. I have heard that the decision has been made for HQ ARRC to move to UK and JHQ to close because there is an opportunity for a barracks in UK - but apart from that where is the logic in spending money we dont have doing something we dont need to do when defence is cash strapped and the Germans are happy for everything to stay in Germany. Add more disruption to an already very busy schedule for what reason ?
    Can anyone shed some light on the logic?
  2. I tried to get one of the 100+ empty married quarters at RAF Innsworth recently(vacant since elements of HQPTC left) but was told that a unit might be moving in. I dug around and HQ ARRC was mentioned. However, the last communication I had shortly before Christmas from an officer of air rank was that there were no plans to move a unit in and that the houses would be returned to Annington homes for disposal.
  3. Just take a tour of JHQ now and you can see it is getting drawn down. the place is a ghost town (yes I know ARRC is deployed) but I also refer to the overall lack of maintenance and more and more empty buildings.

    This week, the YMCA closed after 50 yrs of service (cheers for that PAYD) and the only work you see getting done is on the MQs which for some reason have to be of a certain standard before hand-back.

    the rumour is 3 ys, but to where is still not sure. Arggghhh, JHQ in the days of RAF Rheindahlen, loads of pubs, disco's, clubs, WRAFs, RAF cookhouses, well stocked NAAFIs...... :roll:
  4. Um haven't they built a load of z type accomadation in the last 18 months ?

    And got the last 12 months the ARRC has been deployed in 2 tranches so it's hardly going to be bustling hive of activity.

    From what we got told no final decision will be made on the future of the ARRC until 4 armd completes it's move.
  5. RAF Cosford will be empty soon ???
  6. The repairs are called "dilapidations" IIRC, and apply when we, as the tenant, are returning the properties to the landlord (in this case, the German authorities). It is standard practise and would have been regularised as we formalised our occupation in the late 1940s to early 1950s.

  7. Isn't that due to be backfilled by the closure of Osnabruck?
  8. Is there any update on the closure of JHQ. I know that there have been a few threads on the subject but nothing came of them.

    Anybody got the latest rumour?
  9. Don't worry, Outstanding will be along in a moment to fill us all with more sh1te
  10. I don't think that JHQ will close. Even if HQ ARRC leaves UKSC(G) will probably stay in some form as there will still be HQ 1 (UK) Div, 7 Armd Bde in Hohne, and 20 Armd Bde in Paderborn, all with subordinate BG's.
  11. Bickies - put some well thumbed tenners on HQ ARRC moving to Wilton, once LAND have co-located with AG in Andover, once DLO have co-located with DPA in Bristol.
  12. I appreciate that the ARRC is moving, but what about the rest of JHQ? Will the other orgs remain there and it remain as a station or will they ship them out up north or elsewhere and hand back the land to the Germans?

    Is there anything on the cards for everyone who isn't ARRC?
  13. I heard something similar the other day, 7 Sigs was mentioned as being the next occupants of RAF Innsworth. Why they can't move 14 Sigs there I'll never know... its been a good ten years since it last moved!
  14. No money been spent on my MQ!!!!!
  15. Nothing been spent on my MQ!!!
    Although i do pay 10 pounds less than a grade 1 puma mq, even though the last time my house was touched would have been op dodo1