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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Green_Manalishi, Jul 6, 2003.

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  1. Thought Id start off this thread being a newbie....

    Is there a better way of doing our business in Elmpt that will improve our support to HQ ARRC. ???

    Come on you linies, techs, RR and IT geeks ? Get those brain cell(s) working.
  2. Oh Oh, Wasn't that a bit of tumbleweed ????
  3. Which direction do you want to take this
  4. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Yes... Get someone else in to take care of your business :lol:
  5. Is that a dig at someone? or am I being paranoid !!! who said that !!! wanna fight ?..

    It strikes me that no-one takes a real good hard look at how they fit in with the big picture and what if any mechanism to use to change the way they do business. My last Sigs unit used to continually assess the efficiency of service provided but here nobody gives a monkeys tadger. Result - a bag of shit unit living in a draconian past with no prospect of quality of life and worse....unable to acheive its mission.
  6. Prior Preparation & Planning, Prevents Piss Poor Performance and not LAST MINUTE.COM is the only way we can improve on how we do business.

    1 Sig Bde take note!!
  7. The 7 Ps are all well and good but to do this one must have the correct information.....since this comes from the Bde, shouldnt we be kicking our Regt Ops team into gear?
  8. :D Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :?


    Go away all of you and your English Kniggets before I taunt you a second time
  9. Very easy to sit below and blame the Regt Ops Teams - you may find that they work their ARRSEs off trying to get what is required.

    In the same way Bde staff are probably grafting away trying to pull in the same direction.

    I would hazard a guess that most of it turns to rat sh*t when it hits the Multi-National playgroup in the big house.

    The ARRC had more direction when Noah was driving :lol:
  10. Do we support the ARRC, remember that there are more than 2 ARRC sites driven by life support and Comms support, both work in unison. Now I know your thinking here we go someone is support, yes its true. Try serving the biggest HQ in the corps, serve over a dozen nations, Provide the formation driving force for Europe, and take new concepts from birth to fruition and guess what, you are a proud member of the ARRC, you have served, supplied, grafter, put in extra hours, and thought above all the little problems that others have never been presented with, and you are a key member in your support to the ARRC.
    As someone who has now moved away from supporting 1 Sig Bde, I miss the role, cohesion and drive of all Royal Signals soldier I served with.

    I know personnel with Elmpt are a bit miffed with life, believe me UK can be so much less exciting.