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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by darbs, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. Ok so i have found out this weekend that i am being posted to HQ 63 WKS GP (POWER INFRA) to be part of the newly formed Echelon. I have looked on army net and done a search on Google and can not really find any useful, in fact any info on what they have been up to, where they have been ect ect. Can anyone shed any light or have any useful web links. Just looking forward to it i guess so anything would be appreciated.

  2. Right, I've had some briefings on the Echelon, though not from the aspect of being a member of it, so there may be some errors in what I write...

    170 Engr Gp, the umbrella organisation for the Wks Gps and hence the STsRE thereunder, identified a need for enabling trades that were not within the then established units. Such trades included, but were not limited to, signallers, drivers, chefs and so on. FAS has resulted in an increase in the establishment to include these trades - essentially approximately doubling the size of the TA Component.

    I gather that it has been deemed that the trades are to be grouped together, at least administratively, in an Echelon, rather than allocating individuals to Teams. From what you say, it appears that there is some allocation to Wks Gps, but I wasn't aware of this. It seems sensible (with a Regular mind-set) as deployments and other training are based on Wks Gps rotas. With a TA mind-set, I'd suggest that it may be more likely that training will be Echelon (rather than Wks Gp) -based, with opportunities for deployment depending on which Wks Gp is on ops at any given time.

    If allocated to a particular Wks Gp, then it suggests that there will be some opportunities to train with that Wks Gp, much as the TA STsRE allocated to the predominantly Regular Wks Gps (62, 63 and 64) do. I wouldn't be surprised if you also train with 65 Wks Gp (wholly TA), at least for MATTS purposes, though as the Echelon grows, numbers may dictate separate training schedules.

    As I say, this is mostly guesswork on my part.

    I would stress that the enabling trades will be a very important part of the establishment. I know from experience that the lack of signallers and drivers in the past has impinged on the efficiency of the Specialist Teams, so the creation of the Echelon is a good thing.

    Bear with it, as I envisage teething problems in the infancy of the Echelon, as it will take a little time to fine tune its needs and allocation of resources. The management will be looking for a flexible and supportive attitude from its members. It does promise to provide an interesting and varying scope of activities with numerous opportunities for the right people.

    As the Echelon is relatively new, there's not much specific information on it yet, but you could try the following links and read between the lines:

    You should also join the 170 Community on ArmyNet to get further training and event information.

    If you want any more information, PM me, though anything specific to Echelon will be vague.
  3. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  4. why so sad knocker???
  5. you'll find out soon enough.
  6. Could be any number of reasons...

    Perhaps because you apparently failed to find this: http://www.army.mod.uk/royalengineers/magazine/jul07/63wksgp.htm

    Perhaps he's a traditionalist and is sad that the Corps seems to be centring on Chilwell, rather than on Chatham.

    Perhaps he's concerned that with the introduction of the Echelon, longer queues will result at the Colours Restaurant and local pubs and bars.

    Maybe he's reflecting on the state of modern affairs where people are trying to get into Chilwell while he's trying to get out.

    Maybe he had his eyes on your job for when he leaves Regular service and joins the TA next year.

    Hard to tell, really. It may even be none of the above.
  7. i think it is a beauty!!

    a whole place where the corps trades will flourish appose to those units where we all do the same old vehicle maint... must come with perks i guess and let's face it the LSSA earnt at chilwell won't be bad!

    529 STRE (the Waterbeach lot...) moving north??
  8. Well buggerd if i know! :?