HQ 63 works GP RE Info please

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by darbs, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. Moved to the sappers forum.
  2. Darbs, if you don't get a response here, give me a quick call. Also post it on the Sapper forum, and you'll probably get a very quick heads-up. Hope the wife-beater sales are going well!
  3. cheers abrighter2006
  4. Do they have a TA element? I've just been posted to 509 STRE which ispart of 65 works group (V).
  5. Echelon do, indeed, have a TA component. In fact, in the briefings I've received, only the TA component has been mentioned, so I'm not even sure if there's a Regular component. (I presume there must be, surely).

    But don't start thinking of transferring into Echelon. It exists to enable the Teams. If people leave the Teams to join Echelon, the purpose is defeated. (And your Team Warrant Officer isn't all that bad, once you get to know him!)

    Echelon needs lots of new people and these need to be drawn from outside the 170 Engr Gp organisation. This is an ideal opportunity for those TA soldiers of all ranks and most trades who are struggling with work commitments or whose units are scaling down. Or, dare I say it, are waiting for people to retire in order to progress on the promotion ladder - it goes without saying that those who get in first will have the better opportunities.
  6. I don't know much about the structure of 170, i found the flow chart on Armynet last night which appears to show that only 65 (of which 509 is a part of) have a TA element.

    I'm happy with my posting, i just need to meet some of the others now and then get some work done!

  7. If you look on http://www.army.mod.uk/royalengineers/org/mwfv/index.htm , you'll find that all the Wks Gps have a TA element. 65 Wks Gp is wholly TA (apart from a couple of DS). The remaining Wks Gps are predominantly Regular, with a single TA Team in each providing specialist specialist support. (Repeated word intentional as some of the experience of the TA blokes just can't be gained within the Army system).

    Echelon isn't shown yet because it's new.

    Glad to see that you're keen to get some work done. If it's quantity that you're after, you won't be disappointed. ;) Temper with that, your Team usually attends Annual Camp near the sea, so I hope you like water sports.

    Oh! ... and save some Annual Leave for the skiing... (Not that I'm plugging for recruitment purposes, you understand....)
  8. Yes you are correct, 65 is wholly TA.

    Annual leave - might be a problem this year becasue i've just taken two weeks leave to do part 1C. Anyhow, Karren has sent me the training programme so i'll fit in what i can.
  9. I suspect I know one Team Warrant Officer in that organisation and he wasn't a bad bloke once, even if he didn't show proper respect to his excellent Pl Comd.

    Incidentally Puttees I had to use an old poncho to cover up some damage to the greenhouse. You can guess the name written in one corner.
  10. What? You know someone else in 170? You'll have to PM me with his name and that of his Pln Comd. I'm not a TWO, so you can't mean me. I'm still the youngest of my peers, so not much has changed since my days with you!

    What greenhouse? (NODUF) (In it's 1970's context, for the pedantic).
  11. Sadly Puttees my interests are now more in the flower beds than the beds that so proccupied my youth. I have both a shed and a greenhouse where I go for a bit of peace and quiet when the ayotollah has got her let's do some decorating head on.

    Age wise you joined in '75 so you can only be two years younger than me, though I seem to remember you kept your youthful good looks.
  12. And you've written my name in the corner of your greenhouse?

    I'm starting to worry.... :(


    I may have fallen asleep against him in the back of a Bedford, but don't remember ever exchanging bodily fluids. Perhaps as a result of sharing a mug of tea... BUT THAT'S ALL!
  13. Oh, hang on...

    Could he have meant that my name was written on the corner of the poncho?

  14. Puttees, skiing, wrong feet, am I in the right flower bed?

    incidentally 63 wks gps TA element is 504 (Power) (V)
  15. It's OK, darbs took his initial post off and put it in Sappers, so if you weren't here at the beginning, it'll look a bit confusing.

    As this is now a redundant topic, it's been hijacked and will doubtless end up in the Hole shortly.

    Mushroom is an ex Pln Comd of mine from 25+ years ago who I haven't met in all that time (because he won't leave his phone number). A few years back, I had a new OC who, although we'd never met previously, knew an awful lot about me. Now, his wife was OC at a Sigs unit in the same town as my previous unit. I don't remember her being at the orgy in 1980, so I'm guessing that either Mushroom or our mutual ex-OC brought me up in conversation with her.

    Scary to think that Captains and Majors are talking about an ex-Cpl that they hadn't been in contact with for (at that time) more than 15 years and that it feeds back through the system from Inf to RE via Sigs. Is there nowhere to hide from past indiscretions?

    Hope they don't start digging out the 1157 and 1033s.