HQ 3 Army Group Royal Artillery - Italy 1945-7

I trying to find details on this unit. Anyone out there got any information, I would be grateful my dear departed Dad served there in the RASC at the end of the Italy Campaign.

Many thanks

Rowley B QC
AGRA=WW2 term for a brigade-sized force of artillery, probably because it was a Royal Artillery group under command of an Army, rather than being an army group made up of RA.
Both of you thanks for info but 3 AGRA seems to be a bit elusive, spent hours chasing links on the web before posting here, turn my attention to MCM methinks

Here is a link


Its not much but its better than nothing

This is a limited for scope site but pretty much details every RA unit that fought in the war

RA 39-45
If it was Italy then it was 1, 2, 6, 7 or 10 AGRA. See the AGRA table on the Regiments page on http://members.tripod.com/~nigelef/index.htm this site.

An HQ AGRA had basically the same org as any other HQRA, the above site provides the org table via the Organisations page. No sign of RASC. However, it also seems that by late WW2 AGRAs had acquired their own R Sigs coy and their own RASC coy (carrying second line ammo for the AGRA's regiments (medium and heavy)).

thanks for the info, apols for not catching up with the thread, been elsewhere and out of comms for a while. Guess on Dad's discharge papers there has been a typo and it wasn't 3AGRA.....hmmm

As for RASC attached to RA, Dad was a Quad Gun tractor driver, fought through Italy initially with 5 US (or useless as he said) Army, ending up in north Italy as a driver in G (PT and Sports) CMF.

Again thanks

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