HPSS [house purchase scheme]

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by floyd100, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. The hpss scheme was a voluntary contribution payment that single soldiers could pay into
    to help them to get a interest free mortgage,,it is not in use now but was in the 70s and 80s.
    Can any body tell me more about this scheme,name of building society that run it etc ,or better still how can i get monies i have paid in back? Tried many army /civilian depts, no luck
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    If you can prove that you have paid money into a scheme then you should be able to get it back. So start looking for paperwork.
  3. HPSS (House Purchase Saving Scheme) was simply the name of an allotment from your pay to a Building Society. It was not run by a specific Society. You would have had a Passbook or something from the Society showing your account number. There was a later scheme which I believe was SHSS (S.... Home Savings Scheme) which if you used to buy a house, entitled you to an extra bit of cash (can't remember if it was paid for by the Army or the Building Society). Either way, I reckon you should have been issued with an account number.
  4. An old pay statement might have the account details on it.
  5. Many thanks to you for information ref HPSS, jogged my memory bank and indeed did have a passbook.Thanks again.
  6. Found old building society passbook,thanks.
  7. Most Building Societies applied to change their 'mutual' status to become Banks (PLc's) and have changed their names since HPSS expired. If yours is in that group you will find that it was taken over by a larger bank (the Nationwide is the exception). You should be able to find which bank your old building scociety now belongs to (pm me if you can't). Remember to remind the bank that you were entitled to a share of the assets when the Building Society privatised itself (the bank are unlikely to remind you of this) and ask for this. A lot of soldiers missed out because HPSS was registered to their old barracks address (or old MQ) and you would not have received the paperwork to apply for your shares at the time of de-mutualisation. Can be a tidy sum.
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  8. This is spooky just today I was cleaning some paperwork out and found some old payslips. I had been paying into the HPSS as well and wondered where the money may have gone. I did think it had been swallowed up by the Army. Then I saw this posting, however I never received any paperwork as far as I can remember never mind a passbook!.
    Anyone have an idea how I might chase this up?, if indeed there is anything!.
  9. Zither, I assume you are talking about pay slips from pre JPA? After JPA came in, the name HPSS changed. Check your Pay Slip and there should be an acocunt number on it, with a 2 letter Prefix which was unique to each Society. I can only remember the Halifx was HX, but it may give you a clue as to which Society you were with, plus the Pay Slip will have the account number on it.
  10. Thanks mate, yeah Ive found that begins with BP?. At least I can check this out further.
  11. Sorry, no idea which Society that might be, bearing in mind the amount of Societies which have been taken over by other banks etc in the last few years. Good Luck!
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