HP Photosmart (3 in 1) - False warning of Ink Cartride Access Door Open

After months of trouble free use, my printer now keeps telling me that the ink cartridge access door is open - although it is closed. I've tried turning it off and on again, but without any luck. In fact at the moment it is going bannanas - unable to decide whether it is ready or if the door is open.

Any ideas?

Disregard - it seems to have settled down, but I'll leave the post....
Arse! It's doing it again - and I had an important letter to print.

Disclaimer - I have NO specific knowledge of this printer - but - there should be a switch or sensor associated with the door. May be physical or electronic to detect the status of the door. Take a close look for something like a microswitch or a small block with wires in the area of the door and depending on what you find, check that it's clean and is lining up properly.
How to Reset HP Photosmart Printers - Guides & Tutorials

There do seem to be quite a few HP cartridge door issues - the above link takes you through soft and hard resets, in case there is a software issue with the printer.

From another website - indicates that this fixed the problem (may not apply to your printer)

If you lift up the printer door you will see a button thing protruding from the door that is on the left hand side about 5 centimetres behind where "WEB" is written on the front (as in the "PRINT, SCAN COPY WEB").

this was the source of my problem with my b110a. if you play with this switch -slowly push it in/slowly let it out- you will (hopefully) see the warning disappear. for a second.

I gave the LCD screen a bit of a tug and it came slightly loose. I then pushed it back into place and then the error went away.

My theory is that it is a problem with the switch that warns that the ink door is open. it is a physical problem possibly caused by something in that area not sitting properly. hence pulling pushing at the LCD somehow "corrected" the problem. my problem occured after I had moved my printer and may have loosened something controlling the switch. I get the error message the first time I used my printer after moving it.
We had two HP printers at home, both of which were expensive and absolutely shite.

After being repaired for the 2nd time - which involved me wasting my time to deepest, darkest Kowloon for about 4 hours to get the parts - they both packed up again at the same time, so I ditched them.

I bought 2 Canon printers for the equivelant of about GBP 35 and they are great - no problems and far better photo printing. I will never buy another HP printer.
Try the HP Print and Scan Doctor - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

Link to info on HP Print and Scan Doctor. Video on how to use in link and tool itself download link half way down page.
I used it once and it sorted my problems with B110 Photosmart wireless printer and home network. I keep shortcut on my desktop in case I need it again.

You are not using cloned or unchipped printer ink carts - this can play havoc with error warnings etc?
Here's the secret, don't tell everyone but HP Printers are crap. My first HP printer was so shite that I swore never to buy one again. When it finally broke down (as opposed to refusing to work 50% of the time) my Mrs was desperate to print something so she dashed out and bought a new printer manufactured by (you guessed it) Hewlett Packard. Caused a big row in our house and it never worked properly. My Mrs (who is never wrong) used it for a month until it broke and I finally snapped and wrote a letter to HP customer services explaining that their products were crap. I used the word crap 20+ times in the e-mail to tell them that I didn't care if I got my money back because i wanted nothing to do with their products ever again. A month later they sent me a new printer. It's crap.
Arrrgh - happening again just as I have important things to print and scan!
Brute force, as described by AAGF, got it working. But for how long?
Here's the real secret. All domestic printers are shite.
HP printers also employ 'regional' ink, a la DVD regions. So buy a printer in Africa, take it to UK and then buy an ink for your model there and it will not work. You can ring HP to 're region' the printer but thats after you buy two new inks to get it ready to embrace it's new home! Arrse is what i call.
Take your printer to an area of waste ground, then go Office Space on its malfunctioning ass. That'll sort it.
Its decided to play up again this morning. Arrrrrrghhhh! WTF can I do to make the bastard thing work?
I've replaced it. It took revenge though - and fell on my head whilst I was unplugging it. Bastard thing.
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