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I've been thinking about an e reader for ages. I don't really fancy the kindle but every so often some have mentioned the use of an HP Ipaq. And I thought that seems like a good idea. (Mainly because it's probably dirt cheap on ebay)
So the sensible questions
Which one would you lot recommend?
What sort of stuff/pdfs (whatever they are) will it take and are these still readily available?
Pros and Cons and whatever else springs to mind
Once again thanks in advance


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I have this: PRS-600 (PRS600) : Overview : Reader eBook : Sony and love it. Easy to use, lots of font sizes (so even those with crap eyesight can read it). It can take e-pub, pdf, Word and other formats. It is lighter and thinner than a paperback, but holds 350 books in the internal memory. Easy to find books on-line. Plenty of free ones from lots of sites (like this one; Free-ebooks.net | Download free Fiction, Health, Romance and many more ebooks) or paid books from Waterstones eBooks and eBook Downloads at Waterstones.com

Cons - the screen could do with being slightly less reflective, but apart from that... It's a good un!

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