HP 3050 wireless printer problem

Hi guys, would appreciate a little technical help as I'm a complete technophobe.

I've got a HP 3050 wireless printer whichy has worked perfecftly for a good year or so now. Tried printing some docs yesterday and am getting on the print screeen 'NO printer installed." I then click on 'Add printer' to which I get the message The active directory domain services is no longer available.

The printer IS connected and the Wi-fi is running fine as it scans documents quite happily. I just can't print anything.

All advice greatfully recevied guys, and please imagine that you are explaining to a 5 year old!

Try un-installing the software from uninstall or change program reboot your pc then re-install the software from the cd that came with your printer if you do not have a CD then go to HP website and download the drivers from HP support. You could also go to youtube as there should be a tutorial on this. Good luck
Do you connect to a domain? This means do you log onto a server or is your PC standalone? If the first you need to check the printer exists in active directory.

More likely that you have a standalone so download the latest drivers install them and if that doesn't fix it go here and go to section 2:

Printer problems in Windows - Microsoft Windows

Download the diag and see what it says. It's easier than talking you through checking your services etc.

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