Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by £sd, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Having spent time there and worked with them, er nope. They get a % of the x factor, few of them deploy and their tour intervals if they do are huge, most of them live within 15 minutes of the camp, cheaper fuel, beer, fags etc.
    Its like a full time TA. :wink:
  2. Do they pay the same income tax and national insurance as the rest of us?
  3. I believe that they pay the same income tax but, instead of national insurance, they pay a much reduced rate of equivalent to the Gib Govt.
  4. As long as take home (excluding x fctor) is similar, then I would say it is fair.
  5. This MP comes from the same party that wanted to jointly share the rock with the Spanish, Right up until the Gibs had a referendum that told them to piss right off at which point Bliar refuse to recognise the result (referendums are not popular with labour are they?)
    So why is this bloke suddenly taking an intrest?

  6. Because he knows the Gib Regt will get fecked off with the pay rise. This will be his cue to ask why and then when it is realised the Gib Regt are nothing more than a ceremonial outfit (I'm not suggesting they are or they are not), he will then broadcast they are a waste of money and call for their disbandment.
  7. I thought the RGibR were a little bit more than a Ceremonial Regiment, also, didn´t they send a Plt of bods to support their regular/Full time/British peers the Royal Anglians in Afghan? Or Iraq I can´t remember.

    Disband the Gibs by all means, but who will then defend the Rock against the Spanish? :D

    They also have a real time IS role, and have conducted various tasks in African countries doing the old hearts and minds/ training and advisory role.
  8. Yep, the Gambia every year on exercise. It must make for a dificult tour, fending off the tourists. Christ, even for loan service in Sierra Leone, the Bermuda Regiment managed to get someone out there! :roll:
  9. They certainly are and it was apparent when we were on Marble Tor. The buildings on Buffadero are full of opics of RGibR guys on deployment to all the theatres. Seem a busy unit.
  10. Didn't they get a slight x-factor increase in this years payrise?If it was only 1%,its still a rise.
    I was watching a documentary on BBC internet the other day and there was a young Tom from the Irish Regiment sat looking at his payslip and he had £859 for the month and he was in Afghanistan!