Hows this For some Balls!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by geezer466, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. Latest Red Bull Offering.. Impressive. Hundred and one things could have gone wrong.


    Sure I saw his flapping about in the wind.....
  2. It's years old, but better than your Daily Mail outrage links
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  3. Ironic really as he's not allowed to wear said wings until he's done an 'arduous course'.......blah blah blah.
  4. Fuck off you dull cunt.
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  5. Civvy parachutists wear wings?
  6. Harness on under the shorts

  7. The man has no fear, have a watch of this

    His double backflips on motorbikes are pretty impressive as well
  8. Female ones when they are on the blob?

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  9. Bet he still chews a rowntree's fruit pastel though!
  10. They would if they engaged with another woman on the blob.....
  11. Not quite Carling though.
  12. A bloke called Rod Pack did that in the 60s. Jumped from a Cessna at about 15000 ft wearing just the harness and a mate who jumped with him passed him a clip on reserve. The then Parachute Club of America (later USPA) banned him. He merely went north of the border and continued to jump there. Although he did do one jump in the USA, from the back of a truck, having driven it out of the back of a Herc.