Hows this for an idea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mrrandom, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. whilst this country is in the throws of debt and cuts everyones having to prove there worth in order to keep jobs etc

    so why not the MPs, each month they must produce a report detailing what they've actully done and achived, need not be massive a few pages outlining how many hours they've spent with constituents, what there action for the constituent was that sort of thing,if not submitted by the last week of each month then they get bugger all money

    make them freely downloadable to the public and press alike
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  2. If they can lie so freely about their policies, expenses and personal past, what's to stop them lying with these reports as well?
  3. true, maybe submit them to an independent body, with powers to suspend payment

    or am i talking out of my arse again
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  4. A brilliant idea, if the powers that be would ever submit to showing us how little they do and could tell the truth.

    An even easier way would be to make their work diaries for the week/month an excel file that can be accessed that way.

    Obviously this wouldn't stop the lazy ******* getting the nut down in Parliment.
  5. Wondrous idea! Let's get it done.