Hows this for a f*cking joke?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bradstyley, May 9, 2008.

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  1. The company I work for have just blocked Facebook and Myspace, and yet if I go to google and type 'B1g t1ts facial' I can peruse pictures and videos of birds with man milk all over their boatraces to my hearts content. So, you want to block social networking sites, but have no problem with me watching p0rn all day :? ????
  2. same in my office mate, so we send porn to each other instead :twisted:
  3. Its probably more to do with the amount of bandwidth people are using surfing facebook and myspace. I'm also pretty sure your IT department have a log record containing your username searching for "b1g t1ts facial" on their system. Even the most lax of internet usage policies would have a problem with that!
  4. It's because apparently more time is wasted by employees using facebook et al, than ex-squaddies surfing for jizz photos...
  5. You gotta love the IT police.
    On my last day before going self employed, i had an exit interview.
    The HR manager showed me a print out of hours spent/sites visited for 2008.
    ARRSE came tops with something like 300 hrs clocked up.
    I asked why i was being presented with this info on my last day.
    Didn't give the person time to reply, as i walked out of the interview !!
    W*nkers the lot of 'em i tell ya.
  6. B1g t1ts facial eh.....??

    (*Gets Googling)
  7. long before ARRSE gets banned then?!?!?
  8. Has anyone else figured out how to surf porn on Paradigm yet? (I have...snigger snigger :twisted: )
  9. Its likely to drive me insane with boredom, I have to cover saturday mornings sometime, just on the end of the phone in case any of the delivery drivers have a problem, 5 fcuking hours of sitting there usually with nothing at-all happening unless something goes wrong, and now with no Facebook! grrrrr....
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Simple really - get yourself a job as IT manager. What do you think the people logging your access do all day . . . ?