Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fangy1, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Im posted to Innsworth in Sep so whats it like ? I cant contact anyone there yet and phones in JHQ not now answered, has everyone gone on block leave.
  2. Ring JHQ 2488 and ask for ARRC Welfare.
  3. 'Cheers, I think they may be on block leave as it isnt answered this week. Any idea what is the best quartering areas to ask for in Innsworth ? Good primary school would be welcome if anyone can recommend.
  4. Stay away from Cheltenham/Gloucester centres on a weekend evening, full of chavs and scumbags/pikey foreigners.

    And it is a shit night out anyway.

    Save up yor pennies and pop off to Bristol/Cardiff/Birmingham instead.

    Also, we have enough fights in town centres at night without you lot joining in with a bit of "civvy" bashing!
  5. Churchdown had the better quarters in RAF Innsworth days - not sure of situation now. Innsworth itself & Bishops Cleeve OK. Believe a lot of new accommodation is at Quedgley to the South of Gloucester, but traffic across Gloucester is a nightmare at rush hour (use M5 to bypass)
  6. Being a civvy I couldn't tell you about quarters but I live about 5 minutes down the road and do know about schools. The best two in the area are Churchdown Village and Churchdown Parton Manor which are about 20 min and 10 min away (assuming your kids are walking at a decent pace). There are of course others in the direction of Innsworth but it isn't the nicest area and they aren't the best schools.

    Other advice:
    If you have shopping to do or want a night out then go towards Cheltenham because Gloucester is crap
    There are a lot of thieving scum in the area so don't leave anything expensive in sight or it will disappear
    The Hare and Hounds pub is quite close to the base but isn't the nicest place in the world, find somewhere else for your local drinking needs

    Welcome to the area!
  7. Eh? Cheltenham's full of trendy wine bars. Birmingham is full of chavs, gangs and other such undesirables.

    Cardiff is a good night though.
  8. Cheltenham has a few trendy winebars, not the usual haunt for your average squaddie. I live in Cheltenham, and the majority of clubs/bars are frequented by the eve increasing chav/scumbag population. Not the nicest place to go out anymore, 5 years ago maybe, but now is bordering along the same lines as Gloucester with the same type of scumbag.
  9. Get yourself to Kingsholm,deffo on the list of things to do before you die.C'mon GLAWSTER!!!!!!!!
  10. Ah, the Shed. A practical demonstration of generations of in-breeding....