Hows bout Day Watch [not Baywatch ]

Anyone seen - got an opinion on:

day Watch??

Russkie film by Timur Bekmambetov..

ranks as one of the most elaborate stunt and effects-filled movies..sadly its in Russian so you get distracted trying to read subtitles while watching the mayhem [ like the plot matters ]..If you got a couple of hours to kill..this beats the overblown and over hyped Pirates 3 and Spider 3 with a ultimate battlke between Good and Evil on garbage-strewn streets of's bout a spectacular truck smash in which one truck drivesright through the cab and out the back end of another? how bout heaps of steaming rubble in the streets, massive Mongol armies riding through Iran and one of the cheapest excuses for a Lesbian shower scene ever filmed!!

pass the popcorn...
This is part of a trilogy, Night Watch came out about 18mths ago, Russian sound track, but there was an option for a dodgy English soundtrack. Again strange storyline, but one that hooks you. Don't know what the third one is called.
I loved the first film. Not seen the second yet. Read the books (translations obviously), but I reckon that'll tell me fcuk all as the first one covered all of the first part of book one and a hell of a lot of that was changed.

I've heard Day Watch is supposed to be as good if not better than the first film though so lookin' forward to seeing it :)

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