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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Sep 30, 2012.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    'Sir Jimmy Savile abused us at the BBC', claim women - Telegraph

    I'm in two minds on this story - if he was a perv I'm all for the outrage bus and emptying my bladder over his grave but, by the same token, there's also an uneasiness about the dramatis personae and media powers that be waiting until he's dead and buried to put the boot in.
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  2. They were going to put the boot in before hand.

    Then he karked it just as they were about to go public.

    No fecker who watched the Louis Theroux documentary had any doubts about his hatefull and strange attitude towards women so him bumming teenagers is no suprise. In fact the only thing that has suprised me is that he wasn't outed sooner.

    "Dear Jim

    You know what you did to me all those years ago, if you do not fix it for me to recieve £50,000 a year I will tell the whole world what you really are..."
  3. While the article mentions Savile by name, one woman mentions being at least a witness to a second celebrity assaulting underage girls, but doesn't name names, so I would assume they are still alive and likely to launch a libel case against the woman.

    The one woman made a complaint against Savile over thirty years later, the police investigated, no further action was taken.

    It is amazing how much comes out when the villain of the piece is conveniently dead and unable to defend themselves. Bearing in mind the actio taken against, Gary Glitter, Johnathan King, and Pete Townsend, I would suggest that while Savile led an odd lifestyle, there might be nothing in it at all, despite Esther Rantzen claiming the BBC covered for him.

    Still it sells papers.
  4. dont think he was having **** it was having vaginal sex with under age girls?
    this all seems to be the rage these days, teachers, vicars & now dj's!
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  5. How will this effect the price of jim'll fix it badges on ebay?
  6. He had his coffin buried in concrete.

    I recon he was afraid someone might try digging him up on the quiet to get DNA.

    His mums old flat covered in plastic wrap was a bit odd as well, from a forensic point of view.
  7. I recall some years back - after about 7 or 8 series of Have I Got News For You - an alleged transcript of an exchange between Paul Merton and JS which ended up on the cutting room floor.

    True .... ? Well, there was much public investment in the JS brand, so who would have gained by it going to rat-shit?.
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  8. Extract from evidence :

    "I was about 13, and the TV personality visited our school. He asked if I wanted to play hide the sausage with him and I later learned it was his special game for little girls. Hide the Jimmy Savilloy."
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  9. "The head of the care home said I'll thank you to keep a saville tongue young lady"
  10. .
    It was the '70's ... that sort of stuff was allowed back then.
  11. BBC News - Police 'questioned Jimmy Savile' over abuse in 2007

    Now i know alot of trusts and charites rely on donations to survive but does this guy have that much of a clout or donation power that he can shut people up? He was before my time so to speak.
  12. He was investigated & interviewed by plod in 2007 over abuse allegations but the CPS decided there was insufficient evidence according to the news on R4 today.
  13. Jimmy Saville a nonce must be about the most unsurprising revelation since it turned out that Barrymore was a lifter of the tails of shirts.
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  14. Apparently he gave two of the girls aids, or something along those lines.
  15. Probably true, but why bring it up, its impossible to prove any guilt now.

    Thank **** none of my childhood letters reached the Jim ll Fix It! offices!