Hows about this for Health Service outsourcing?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. The Government outsouces disability assessments to a private bunch of shysters, ATOS, and pays them £400+ Million.

    ATOS then outsource the contract back to the NHS and pay them £22 Million

    "…Anne McGuire, the shadow minister for disabilities, said: "There are questions to be asked about the effectiveness of using a private sector intermediary between a public sector organisation and a public sector organisation. It is at least unusual. It begs the question, why DWP didn't contract direct to Salus?"…

    Nail meets Mr Hammer Anne!

    Atos calls in public sector to take on outsourced medical assessments | Business | The Guardian
  2. Who wrote a contract allowing them to do that?
  3. Dwp should do all assesments and do them thouraly, not some company you have never heard of.
    I know its difficult for the dwp to keep pace with the claims coming in and i also know that a lot of doctors and consultants will not even speak to the dwp and other agencies for fear of being quoted and getting pulled into some legal battle somewhere.
    I put a claim in 2 years ago for dla and the medical pro's would not send details to ATOS because of bad relations with them.
    My application was originaly turned down even though i had been in hospital 22 times in that year alone, all because a consultant didnt want to deal with them, i appealed and luckily for me i was in hospital when a letter from dwp was bought to the consultants attetion, he sat down next to me and filled it in there and then.
    I reckon that the outsource companies get a bonus for everyone they turn away
  4. You will have to ask the people who let this contract to ATOS only two months ago.
    It certainly smells of money for nothing.
  5. My local hospital was built under a PFI. Less than half way through it would have been cheaper to buy themselves out than honour the contract. The money was borrowed from the banks that the government ended up owning so it would have been less than half the cost if they'd used their own money in the first place.

    As you quote "…Anne McGuire, the shadow minister for disabilities, said: "There are questions to be asked about the effectiveness of using a private sector intermediary between a public sector organisation and a public sector organisation. It is at least unusual...."

    It would appear it is not unusual. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  6. MP's careers don't last forever, they need to sow the seed so they can reap the harvest when the electorate give them the boot.

    I wonder how many MPs DON'T go on to a career as non executive director, union consultant, or 'advisor', a delightful catchall phrase, which might mean;

    'You've sent several millions of the taxpayer's dosh our way over the years, and like a money laundering scheme, you get a percentage back, clean and unattributable to you or us.'

    It might not as well.

    Mr Blair is a fine upstanding man, although I wonder if he will ever get a knighthood, even Jimmy Savile managed that.
  7. same people who screwed up the west mainline railway franchise?
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  8. That just about sums up the situation. The bosses are having us count paper clips to save money whilst HMG is pissing it away faster than we can pay taxes.
  9. I suspect no-one would tender for a contract that restricted their ability to 'innovate' the delivery. There are only a few companies of the scale to carry out public sector outsourcing and they know well that our government is ideologically committed to privatisation and desperate to have it, so they can afford to blackmail them into giving maximum leeway.
  10. You should ask your favourite opposition party as to who "originally" awarded ATOS the contract which applies to DWP and SPVA.

    I've been subjected to it from a DWP (DLA) perspective leading to a Tribunal which I won and a War Pension perspective of which I've (today) been informed I've got to face at some time in the future.

    I was awarded DLA at Tribunal at an amount that War Pensions would need to award me a minimum of 50% to qualify for the same benefits; SPVA only saw fit to award me 30%!

    I find it extremely difficult to work out how it is more difficult to obtain a reasonable settlement for injuries/disablement after 30+ years in the service of my country from a government department than a person who has never served a day in their life!

    Then again I refer you to my 1st paragraph.

    Also, from Wiki:

    Atos Healthcare

    Atos Healthcare, a division of Atos providing consulting in the UK health sector, employs over 3,000 people. Of that number, it claims that, "around two thirds" are "medical professionals", but additionally that fewer than half (1404) are, "healthcare professionals", it additionally claims to "employ the largest number of doctors outside of the NHS."
    Its most prominent business process outsourcing contract is with the Department for Work and Pensions, under which it "conduct disability assessments for people claiming a range of disability benefits including Employment Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Disability Living Allowance and Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit." Initially awarded to Schlumberger's Sema Group (subsequently purchased by Atos) in 1998, the contract was renewed for a further five years in March 2005. The contract with the DWP was believed to be worth £400 million to Atos.