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Howling wolf/ thundercats badge

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. With room rapidly running out on my sleeves, what with trf's and union flags, I was amazed while on our ADE to be given some howling wolf/ thundercats style badges to sew on as well, wtf is the point of these? Division badges at a guess? Whats next? brigade flashes and then shoulder titles! Can we have good conduct stripes and trade badge back as well then? While we are at it, why not have wound stripes and foreign service stripes back!
  2. Brigade flash - 104 Log Spt Bde
  3. Do you have very short sleeves?

    I don't see a TRF, UJ and Bde flash a large amount of badges.
  4. I got my 25m, firestarter and birdspotting badge to sew on yet.
  5. 19 Light Bde perchance?
  6. It is indeed 104x. Its also crap and people haven't even been issued enough to put on all their kit. Pointless if you ask me...then again, noone did so I'll keep my gob shut!

  7. Print
    Cut out


  8. Just remember, the wolfs nose has to be between 10-11 o'clock so as not to be seen to be howling!!! 8O

  9. would it be a howling error to sew it on any other way?
  10. On the subject of Thundercats, check out 4 Divs TRF:

  11. Is there an ARRSE TRF?

    'cos there should be.