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Ladies and Gentlemen
I am seeking your opinion/views/help/support for a new Idea. With the latest government cut backs to pay the bankers bonuses our UK military charities are going to suffer , but we have a new way to help. No I do not want sponsorship to ride a unicycle backwards from Lands End to JO’Gs whilst wearing only a pith helmet with a daffodil up my jacksy. How about a Rag Mag sold to raise the cash needed. If the mag was full of robust militarily style humour but without the military language (All blue words removed to appease the BRB (Blue Rinse Brigade) Sold to the general public for £1.50 with 0.5p going direct to various military charities, and any profits after expenses also going to charity. Sounds like a good idea? I thought so, so I tried it and had a few thousand printed. That’s when the fun started. No charity will allow themselves to be directly associated with something that is so ‘Non-PC’ We can not say who we are raising money for, but we can say whom we have given money to! We have had the topic raised at Command Board level in the MOD but regulations prevent them assisting. (I love the BRB)Beer festivals are great but a sod to get into. Selling it in some Pubs work well but it is a sod to collect the cash The web site is running but no one knows about it, (Google howling hound)
Ladies and Gents let me know if you think it’s a good idea/suggestions.
Doubt that it would go down well with the public IMHO.

0.5 pence is a tad low....I am guessing thats 50pence...not half a pence.
Website is okish...not sure comparing your mag to a student rag mag is very wise at all. There is too much explaining it is a "non pc" mag. Not much content to interest people. It would be good if people could see a bit of the content of your mag.....and possibly even a member section where people could view the mag online.

Your joke and video links need sorting out.
My mistake. You are right ,a minimum of 50p per copy to charity.
I agree that comparing the Hound to a Student Rag Mag is difficult but how else do you explain it?
Can you expand on the ‘members section’ idea
Please remember that this idea is been tried part time and on a shoe string to start off. The web site was my first attempt at a site. I agree that the links need to be sorted out.
Playing with the idea of the Hound has raised £1.2k for various charities – GWT, SSAFA, BL, H4H etc, but the main focus has been on betting the mag known
More advice/ criticism/ideas needed please keep posting or contact me directly
For the membership, was thinking that people could join for a subscription and view the mag online using a flash flip page application for example Flip page linky thingy. Not everyone has access to postal services for example, or for those who don't want to wait, dont want mags stacking up, missed a months copy etc

A newsletter signup thing would be good as well. That way you could keep people informed about how much has been made for charity, when the next issue is due out, any events that may be of interest (like an H4H event, competition, etc).

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