Discussion in 'DIY' started by brettarider, May 22, 2010.

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  1. Just a heads up Howdens are "trade" only and their prices are better than B&Q etc for kitchen units etc. However if you pop in and are paying by card/cash just ask if they can stick it on some ones acct you get what you want the acct holder then gets a better discount next time their in everyone's a winner. :)
  2. In addition to that, Howdens are also good for internal doors, external doors, flooring, windows stairs, in fact all kinds of joinery related stuff etc. Just google the name for their website. The best deals are made by getting someone in the trade to order on their account so get pally with a builder mate. Even if you can't do that, ask them for a price and "haggle". They can come done quite a lot of you convince them to. I've never asked it but try running past them you are ex forces. They also don't like competition so mention you think you can get a better deal elswhere and see if that tempts them to lower their quote.
  3. Guy's As a rule Howdens will not discount for forces or ex-forces. As already stated they do not sell to the public, however some branches do bend the rules. The easiest way is to open a cash account, saying that you are into property development. You do not require ID or trade references :) . As for haggling, Kitchens, Appliances & Accessories may get you a better discount. Internal doors usually won't.

    Most branches shy away from 'retail sales' as they usually turn out to be more hassle than the sale is worth.
  4. The one in Govan will certainly bend the rules done it twice now
  5. One of my many jobs since leaving the green machine was a manager in a builders Merchant, (Jewsons). I can confirm that everything is open to negotation, there are limits and it also depends on the branchs current profit and margin against targets. The old addage if you don't ask you don't get is very true. Plastic pipe for any use underground, waste, sinks etc is all inflated at list by as much as 200%. Haggle away but be nice, Plead poverty, but be nice, ask and you shall receive but be nice, the message is clear if you come across as an asshole you will get nothing. Be polite and ask in a friendly manner. The Phrase "is that the best you can do" will save thousands on a house build or extension. Once you have made a new friend look after him like your mucker. Its ok to take the piss and have a laugh. Just remember to be nice.
  6. Another useful line is to go straight in with "What's your best price on _____"