Howard to scrap early release jail schemes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. How long until labour come out with a watered down version of this policy? :roll:
  2. Most likely Wednesday the BBC news for a trumpet fanfare announcing this :roll:
  3. Du, you aint a cynic are you?

    Come join me at cynic HQ and watch as the fat gas bag Charles Clarke sputters out some hastily prepared version of the tory plans :twisted:
  4. Neue Arbeit bait-and-switch coming in 3...2...1....
  5. I doubt it will take till Wednesday.

    shock this morning was waking to Radio 5 and Claire Short going on about Tony's "new" idea on tackling Immigration. the Beeb was laping it up.

    And what was the Beeb's reaction last week when the tories mentioned it first - racist, unworkable, reactionary, appealing to the BNP vote!

    as per the last two elections, the BBC has already made its bed in the Neue Arbeit house. (well, semi-detached townhouse in Islington)
  6. I think the BBC reporting/bias , or rather how it appears , seems to be at the whim of the duty editor. I've seen some definite 'Greg Dyke pockets of resistance' reporting. Maybe one of our BBC lurkers can comment (off the record of course) :D

    Of far greater concern to me, is the ITN (No you're not) reporting. I am definitely seeing a trend towards 'bigging up dA LaBies' . The initial reporting of the Paras had me screaming at the set. Sensationalist, stories cobbled together, Falklands dropped in. Not reporting but smearing.

    Watch ITN's coverage closely. The BBC reporting at least sometimes displays some free thought.

    Until Paxo and Urban are assimilated of course, Esler went over to the dark side a long time ago.

    The political reporter , whose name I can't bring myself to mention , never left it of course.
  7. PTP, your correct on this one!

    There are a few distinct sections of the Beeb that are distinctly no partisan and do produce some of the best reporting in the world (and are respected world wide) but there are also the crawling media editor types who love to suck up to the champagne socialists.

    As for the para allegations, they might as well have just said GUILTY! :roll: