Howard to Resign

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Countryman, May 6, 2005.

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  1. Howard has just said that he will set down soon, but will wait for Tory rules on electing a leader have been changed.
  2. Just listned to it on 5 live. I am suprised, still, done with some dignity.
  3. Vote Boris in 2007/2008! :twisted:
  4. I have to say I'm surprised, as the Tory result was hardly abysmal and when with such a reduced Government majority it's feasible that another election will be called within 3 years. Howard's not my favourite person, but I think he's been doing a pretty good job. I just hope that they get the election for the new leader over & done with as soon as possible & really get behind (sans knives :roll: ) the new leader so that by the time the next election is called the party will be settled and therefore viewed by the electorate as a government in waiting.
  5. I think it was his last attempt to stick it to labour.

    He said that he wouldnt accept failure from his MP's and such he couldnt stand fail and expect them to back him

    At least one guy in the race was trustworthy.

    learn from this blair! :evil:

    I think they should go for someone from the new generation rather than someone like Ken Clarke as he is still associated with thatchers reign.
  6. Please NO. He's my local MP so I know that the cnut can't string a sentence together without fcuking up. Voting for him to be my local Mp and wanting him to be leader are two totally different things!
  7. You do remember the reason for "that" Paxman interview, don't you?

    Anyway, what about Rifkind? He's an MP again, he's been around a bit, switched on bloke, held Foreign and Defence positions (and was certainly better regarded than TCH).....
  8. That's why I'd never vote for Michael Howard.

    Ken Clarke would be a good choice, he'll pull the Tories more centrist (nu-Conservative :twisted: ), away from all this hysterical anti-EU/immigration crap.

    edit: Rifkind looks too much like John Major :oops: and David Davis is the definition if smarm, these are too images the Tories ned to out behind them :twisted:
  9. I agree totally. The Tories need to choose someone with balls, brains and a personality who is in no way connected with the past Tory governments. I've currently no idea who could fill this role, but depending on how bored I get over the next few days I may find myself reading a few bios! :oops: :lol:
  10. Theresa May??? 8O :?
  11. There's absolutely nothing hysterical about being anti-EU. It's:

    corrupt (according to its own auditors and the NAO),
    dictatorial (the Council of Ministers meetings are secret) and,
    undemocratic (since the primary characters are appointed rather than elected (wasn't that one of the arguements against the House of Lords)).
  12. Spot on Mike!

    Another level of corrupt money grabbers (we pay in far more than we recieve back)

    That GWAR kinnock hired a clseaze trouble shooter and then promptly sacked her when she found too much sleaze. Talk about open government and all that.
  13. Just coz you liked her tiger-print mules! :wink: :lol:
  14. Oh yes! I borrowed a pair from MDN later that night! 8O :wink:
  15. Very funny stoaty.... be very, very, very careful what you wish for..... imagine that a PM called BORRIS :lol: