Howard Flight? He's over there with his foot in his mouth! More's the pity.

“We're going to have a system where the middle classes are discouraged from breeding because it's jolly expensive."

Tory peer claims welfare changes encourage poor to 'breed' - Telegraph

Oh dear, Howard Flight has committed the biggest sin in C21st British politics. He has said what we all know to be true and what we all, secretly of course, think.

I fear that until people can actually point out the absurdity of paying people "bonuses" to be on benefits without being accused of "classist" behaviour, then the deficit stands little chance of any organic improvement. that nice Mr Milliband actually apologised because his government hadn't done enough in this area during its 13 year tenure. He could have gone on to mention not doing enough in any area but we'll let that one go.

CMD needs to stop rushing around putting band-aids on the perceived slights, such as Mr, soon to be Lord, Flight's. Most people I suspect see this sort of logic as pretty unassailable if perhaps a little "old school" to be actually publically embraced. After all, even the unwashed and unwaged get a vote. Instead of managing expectations and information, this government needs to remember it was elected to sort out the cluster of well-intentioned and sociology driven policies that have reduced our country to the bumbling mess it now stands up to its fetlocks in.
I totally agree.

In my opinion, the politically correct drive behind a lot of the media are quick to find the hint of something non-PC in what politicians say. It makes a juicier headline. The Tories have always struggled with their perceived upper class image. It doesn't help that a slack handfull of the cabinet went to Eton.

The Tories are not an elitist group of the upper classes looking to do one over on the poor of this country. Yet it is easier for the opposition, now deeply rooted in the Trade Unions, to try and stir up resentment by suggesting exactly this. We voted them in to sort the mess out. And sadly a lot of that mess radiates from the massive, out of control benefits train. I'm not suggesting that those on benefits are all workshy and lazy. But some are. And to be honest if cuts are to be made, it should be to benefits first.

With regards to Flight's comments, I don't necessarily agree. But I do know of real examples (not what I have read in the papers) in the past few years of people having children as it is economically advantageous for them to do so.


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He's clearly just been to Hastings.

True though.

I once had a massive row with some stupid tart who claimed self-righteously that she'd have to drop more sprogs so she could get more money off the state, like her mates had done. Further to this, my foster-daughter actually got told by some bint in dole office that she could get more money and better accomodation if she got up the duff and dropped one. This was done as a suggestion, not a statement of fact, which of course it also is.
Interesting watching the lefties back tracking on Question Time last night as they slowly realised that the audience were not actually outrgaed by the real meaning of the comments. The phrasing was unfortunate and sounded a bit like a landowner talking about his pheasants, despite some old trout trying to rubbish the near instaneous provision of council housing to young unmarried mothers. The point was taken by almost all that a system that seems to reward the failure to manage bodily functions, which are very easily managed, is flawed.
Howard Flight was right about five years ago (he said cuts HAD to be made), and he is right again now.

You do not enjoy such a successful career in business as this gentleman has by being 'wrong'.

I am beginning to think Cameron is something of a twerp - and I voted for him as leader and for his party at the election. UKIP next time though. The appalling 'twonk' Miliband E said he thought the coalition government to be out of touch - I think he may well be right.
Nothing wrong with speaking the plain and unarguable truth.
I am beginning to think Cameron is something of a twerp.
I think you're correct. Dave isn't living up to expectations. Dave and the coalition are rather like Blair and new Labour. BOHICA
On the subject of "being out of touch" Ed milliband has few superiors. He has elevated being out of touch to an art form. In terms of manned flight, Ed Milliband is the Gemini in orbit of being out of touch, when most of us can merely aspire to Bleriot's 1909 cross-Channel monoplane.
Saw on TV yesterday Milliband "oop North" somewhere visiting a new supermarket and when talking to staff they ALL agreed with one of the ladies who said in as many words what the Tory Lord said. I think Milliband had a yea - no - but moment.
I am beginning to think Cameron is something of a twerp - and I voted for him as leader and for his party at the election.
couldn't agree more (but I voted for Davis!!). He is quickly beginning to resemble a spineless, self serving, pretentious, upper middle class pompous c**t! (and breath..)
When and where can we vote for this man....?

I have living proof of what he said is true just 7 doors along the road.

Middle aged couple, 5 kids and he's never worked a day in his life. They pay no rent, no council tax and have just had £20-30k's worth of work done in their rented house and not had to pay a penny towards it. But wait for it, they get just over £2k per month, tax free, in benefits.

Dare say that it won't be long before child No6 will be being " Taken on Strength" by the tax payer....!
Saw on TV yesterday Milliband "oop North" somewhere visiting a new supermarket and when talking to staff they ALL agreed with one of the ladies who said in as many words what the Tory Lord said. I think Milliband had a yea - no - but moment.
There is nothing quite so amusing as one of the North London liberal intelligentsia being brought face to face with "the common man (or woman)". Their look of uncomprehending horror as all of their tenets of faith are torn down by the working class hero, their frustration at being unable to force Betty or Bill to get on message and to empathize...comedy gold. The gap between their ideals and the basic values of the working man are quite immense and usually unbridgeable. Jobs, houses and opportunities are usually what the average person is interested in, not human rights, gender equality and the conduct of parliamentary business in as effortless and undemanding yet financially rewarding manner.
I still seethe every time I hear a Labour MP talk, firstly about the Etonians of the Conservative Party, not to be confused with those tossers from Fettes, Westminster, and a slack handful of minor public schools, and not so minor universities. Oh that would be most of the Labour party, God bless Tony Benn, AKA Anthony Wedgewood-Benn, Viscount Stansgate. Gave up his peerage, but took the precaution of marrying money before doing so, alledgedly.
The other item which grips my shit, is MPs of ANY party waffling on about 'the middle classes' as if they are a race apart, I'd love to be on their salary, let alone the exes.
Sooner or later the Brits as a whole will catch on to the scam, and string all the lying scum up.
Hopefully Mr Flight will be in charge.

We have two sprogs, didn't have more, because we can't afford it. Both got jobs.
Cammeroon is the wrong type of Tory to lead the Party. Be in with a chance if his parents had owned a corner shop.
I come from what was once a Cotton and Coal town, unless you come from such a background then you'll never understand the Union's mentality.


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