Howard calls for Greater British identity

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. Michael Howard has been talking to the BBC about what he sees as the requirement for a 'greater British identity' here:

    As someone who doesn't drink til I die every weekend; watch Big Brother or soaps; routinely get involved in football hooliganism; engage in 'booze cruises' or anything even remotely similar; I am struck by the fact that he suggests a great deal, yet offers no tangible solution as to what he feels this 'identity' should consist of - apart from saying we must be 'more robust' on terrorists - hardly breaking news IMHO.
  2. Y'know, I've got a theory with all these happenings happening. I think it's a plot between that Kennedy and his Lillyballs and them there Knoser, Convers, Coevrerat, Tories! Specially that Howard. 'E was OK while 'e was a nipper, an' even a bit after that. I reckon it really all started when 'is brother Frankie shook a seven. Never been the same since, 'e ain't. Course just after Frankie slipped on 'is graveyard gaberdine, 'ole Howie barged into the bogs in the Houses of Parmesan and caught that there Anne Widdecomefrom in 'er undies 'avin' a strip-wash. We 'ad to wrap 'is 'ead with gaffer tape for a fortnight till 'is 'air'd stay flat again That's when all this "somethin' of the night" stuff started. 'E ain't been the same since.

  3. Michael Howard isn't even British. I have it on good authority that he is one of them imingran things.
  4. You see Lairdx That's on of the main differneces with 'English Society' and us 'Colonials'. The U.S. IS a National of Immigrants! Although our 'melting pot' has some 'spice bags' which will never 'melt'...your immigrants seem to have never been made a part of the 'English Society'.

    I see y'all as 'special privilege to special born'...even the peasants...'at least they're English'.

    In American our diversity is our strength. In Britain the English rule has been your strength...(standards and tradition) so be it.

    Alright then. Englishmen. Stand up and be now the call is made. Rule or be ruled.
  5. Nor was William of Orange.....but he did a bloody good job tho'
  6. 'cuse the sentax /pellings arrows...tills earlie in ma lisdexia.
  7. He sure as hell was better than James II.

    As for Britishness, that's all nice and well and PC and goodness what, but what the heck is "Britishness"? There are Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English, oh, excuse me, I mean Highland Scottish, Lowland Scottish, Northern Welsh, Southern Welsh, Northern Irish pro British, Northern Irish anti British, Northern English, Southern English, City English, Country English, etc... and I haven't even mentioned Asians, Africans, Continentals, Americans (and their multitude of separations/diversions) nor do I dare mention the Commonwealth.

    Let's face it, British is a jumble, starting in the 6th century with the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons, who, funnily enough, weren't a homogenous people either. resulting in the kingdoms of... fighting against... I could go on for hours and bore everyone to death. (interesting murder weapon, that). :wink:

    "Greater British Identity" is a figment of imagination, and what is wrong with that? A colourful jumble can be a good thing, as long as people retain their identities and manage to exist alongside. I live here, have so for many years, am teaching students in this country and Mr F is Scottish, but trust me, I am not and never will be British, except in the sense of "living in this location". :?
  8. ??

    bloody 'ell...
  9. Not at all - I just object to having to pay for every scrounging wnaker that fancies an easy ride. Michael Howard is an imigrant but more importantly it should be noted that his family came to Britain as illegal immigrants. I am not against imigration. I am against those who sponge off the british taxpayer (even indiginous scroungers.)
  10. I'm first generation immigrant (age 7, all right, but still....), myself, not a single drop of British/English blood and two, count 'em, two foreign parents. IC1, non-Commonwealth, non-English-native-tongue, if anyone's wondering.

    Never had any difficulty in defining myself as British on the twin bases of language and culture - in the case of language, acquiring a modest facility with it, in the case of culture, becoming familiar and comfortable with a range of the culture(s) hosted in the UK, not necessarily embracing it/them wholeheartedly, but recognising them as "home" to me.

    Interestingly, over the last ten years or so, have begun to stop identifying myself as emotionally British, have rather felt English, which is a reaction, I suppose, to the unanswered Midlothian Question (and being run by a parcel of unprincipled Scotch lawyers since 1997).

    I think the answer is that there's no single British culture, rather a huge spread spectrum of cultures, bleeding into each other and that there is plenty there for anyone to select a wide or a narrow slice of that spectrum to celebrate and appreciate. There are always new bits popping up and older bits fading out, so it's dynamic and, as Fraulein says above, the "British" are a classic dynamic mix, entirely non-homogenous, with traces of DNA from just about everywhere. I'm very relaxed about the 50s and 60s immigrants and current economic migrants - they'll be assimilated in their turn and leave our culture and society far richer. It's almost cultural Darwinism - those new aspects which people like will survive, those which they don't, won't. "Multiculturalism" is doomed to failure as you can't enforce this stuff, you can't compel esteem for things which people don't find estimable and all you're doing is trying to fight the market, which is a waste of everyone's time and oxygen.
  11. I watched a bit of the Proms on tv last night. G & S. I was struck by the fact that the audience was overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, white. (There! I've mentioned the W word)

    So, there we have it. Compulsory Gilbert & Sullivan appreciation lessons for all immigrants and asylum seekers.
    Anyone learning the lines to HMS Pinafore will not have time for mosques and bomb making.

  12. My Grandad was an illegal immigrant, but his reason was that some nasty German people were trying to exterminate him and his family.
  13. Ah but did he seek assylum at the first safe country or did he skip through half a dozen for the cushy benefits?
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    A nation of immigrants - tell that to the border guards! Is it not the case in the good ole USof A, that you can hold every high office in the country except El Presidente, if you were not born on US soil (including government bases out of US)? So the best person for the job won't get it unless he/she was pupped in US. So much for a nation of immigrants.
  15. Let's ask some searching questions. Before we ask people to be British - what are 'we'? You know who Makosi Musambasi is, but who was Steve Thoburn? If I mentioned twins Monica and Gabriela from Transylvania, chances are I'd ring a bell, but how many brothers and sisters did Queen Victoria have?

    I am absolutely in favour of Greater British Identity, and the more Gilbert and Sullivan, William Blake, and Elgar, the better; but if we are to foster Britishness, we must do so from the inside. Throwing up during happy hour in the Frog 'n Firkin has nothing to do with it................................

    And, no, I don't read the Daily Mail...