howard against air gun ban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Mar 19, 2005.

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  1. the big question is he a principled politican who's prepared to tell the unplatable truth even to the parents of a dead child that a knee jerk ban won't help matters.
    he's realized he's lost so's going to tell the truth regardless.
    they were neds and he hates porridge wogs anyway :twisted:
  2. Bingo, at last a politcian with some balls.

    I'm also biased, I used to hunt with an Air rifle.
  3. JSP 482 states "....Air gun pellets....same security.......other ammo.....accounting.....rhubarb" :(

    Don't give a flying fox! They're quite good fun, but if child had been thrashed when he broke his first window he'd have realised there are consequences.

    Please don't say its over already. Howard may a poor alternative but he's so much more attractive than the present! :|

    And politician with balls? You're clearly back early from Cardiff :!: :!:
  4. Now let's hear him say "Under a Tory government any little scrote caught mishandling an air-weapon will get it broken over his head."
  5. Howard has balls? 8O

    FMOB! The snivelling sh*t doesn't have any balls; they were removed at birth! :evil:

    Talks about 'knee jerk reaction', when he totally ignored Lord Cullen's report and was kicking like a bloody Cossack after Dunblane!

    The man (and I use the term loosely) is a mealy-mouthed hypocrite...

    Sorry, I just realised I should have said; 'The man is a politician.'.... :twisted:
  6. he did go on to say that the handgun ban was an over reaction .
    bit late now though.
    I'm not sure he is any better though
  7. I can't see how this is Michael Howard being oppurtunistic. I mean, look at what we are saying. And Joe Public isn't as gun friendly as we are! For my money, he is giving his honest opinion (although I will concede it is a rare politician who is actually honest!) And a ballsy move it is too. This is something that labour could really chew him to pieces over.

    On the other hand, if they don't do that, you have to ask why they don't? Something to hide, or at least not bring to the publics attention? Could it be they are not responding because they don't want this debate to get off the ground? And if so, why? Or maybe they just don't want the Tories to have something else to differentiate themselves from the government.
  8. They couldn't enfoce an air gun ban, look at the what happened when the Brocock air cartridge airguns became illegal (or put on license) about 7000 were handed in or put on license ...out of approx 75,000 sold.
  9. Errm, Word of note Brocock is a trade name, they get really touchy about it being used to cover all Air cartridge guns.

    No one knows how many air rifles there are out there, but best guess is somewhere in the millions level. True alot of them are just plinker's now stashed in the loft and a ban would just cuase trouble for someone whose forgoten he has one and can't be enforced.

    Add to that Airgun shooting sports are all we have left, and looking at how well we wipped the floor with everyone at the comenwealth games a few years back, means that alot of good shooters are out there..
  10. News to me, I've got four cartridge rifles on my FAC..... and 0.22 "longarm" style ISSF target pistols are now legal in UK.

    PS "wiped the floor at the last Commonwealth Games" isn't really applicable to "we", unless you're Australian or Indian......
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Vaguely on thread, can anyone recommend a good, reasonably cheap (I've no idea on costs) air rifle, suitable for keeping down the bloody Magpies and Squirrels in our garden? Killing them outright would be nice, but if it just injures them (so that they slink off and die in someone else's garden) I won't shed any tears.

    I thought I'd better buy one now, before they get banned :)
  12. Now he's Anti-Pikey.....

    Click here for more on this story from BBCi


    1) Review of the Human Rights Act to ensure it does not clash with laws against unauthorised land development

    2)New powers for councils to remove illegal caravans and the option of larger court fines

    3)Local authorities to be able to purchase land compulsorily where there is a continuing breach of a Stop Notice

    4)Revised guidance to police on traveller trespass and criminal or anti-social behaviour on traveller sites

    5)Empowering local people to decide on the location of traveller sites
  13. OldSnowy, how much have you really got to spend? Air rifles these days go from crappy £50 Chinese import springers up to £7-800 for top-of-the-range pr-charged pneumatics.
    For a decent springer you're probably looking around £100 to £180. The BSA Supersport is a good gun around £130 as is the Lightning version of same (no open sights though). Webley still have one in that class as well. I've got a rifle by Spanish company Gamo for that job, called the "Quckshot Magnum" break barrel springer with silencer, has no open sights but you get a damped 'scope rail fitted with a very good 30mm red-dot (unmagnified) sight.
    As with all things gun-related though, you really need to get down to a good shop an try a few different models.

    On a related note -- does anyone know a good single-shot target air pistol that's suitable for small hands and won't break the bank to buy and run? I'm coaching a few kids for Pony Club Tetrathlon and I've got too many kids sharing guns so I'd like something for the younger kids (10-15) specifically.
  14. Any of the Air Arms TX or S range. Very powerful and very accurate. Depending on what you mean as "cheap", expect 2 - 300 quid but will last for ever and handles abuse (dropping, lending to MDN etc) well.

    Esp the TX200 which someone mentioned in passing can be uprated to FAC power by a friendly armourer and a few wizzits :D

    As for trying to ban them, not a prayer. I have a typical inner city council estate about 1/2 a mile from me and every jack man and his 10 year old has some form of air or gas weapon, most bought second hand and therefore no direct link to ownership.
  15. I've had good luck with RWS of Germany, in cal. 177. Very accurate. The power level is suitable for disposing of garden vermin.

    I can attest that squirrels are edible, though not generously meaty.