Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by datumhead, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Mate you could do a thousand sit-ups and crunches every day - if you have a layer of fat covering those rock hard abs, your not going to have a six pack!!!

    Diet is just as, if not more important as working your abdominal area.

    Eat well and train hard.
  2. Sound advice from Spenny however as the years pass by I find I'm more in favour of the Barrel than the six pack!
  3. My abs look just like that (Apart from the slight protective covering provided by too many pork pies, kebabs and buckets of Guiness and vodka!)

  4. Agreed, I think to have a really good 6 pack you need around 8% percent body fat. You could still have rock abs, but a few chicken pies covering them up.
  5. I just stick to stella for a six pack
  6. Yep, six pack of stella is always nice to tuck into.
  7. Why? Is there any point in having ridiculously low body fat in the forces? If you are fit then that is all that matters. After Telic 1, I wished I had put a bit of fat on before I went as I was like a rake when I came back.

    Although if you are wanting rock hard abs try a bit of this
  8. Doctor, "a friend of mine" is in his mid to late 40s, likes the odd beer or six, and has a desk job which sees him leave the house at around 7 a.m. and return around 6.30 to 7.30 p.m. He has young kids and he values putting them to bed and reading their stories etc. He has to eat his evening meal (usually with a glass or two of red vino). He usually has to do work after that.

    How does he fight off the flab that he has so far built up, and return his physique to something closer to the six pack he had when he was 20/21 and a competitive rugby player, boxer and swimmer?

    I understand that he accepts he will not return entirely to his youthful physique and fitness level.

  9. I used to suffer the same time constraints.

    To beat them, I either ran/cycled the 5 miles to work and home or ran on my lunch break. Mid run, I would stop and do a circuit of push-ups and sit-ups.

    There is always time if you want it mate...........if you work in an office, the lunchtime phys will help mahoosively with de-stressing too.
  10. Thanks.

    "Desk job" was a bit of short-hand. I'm not office bound, but my work is not in any way physical, its all paper, waffle etc.

    Lunch times generally do not exist for me and I do not have ready access to a shower, however, the run/cycle to/from work is a brilliant idea. If I can fit it into any aspect of my travel (half commute, half all over the shop) then I will.
  11. I've got a six pack but seem to have lost that plastic thingy that holds them all together!
  12. Rod sun god, if you're here, you have the six pack.