how young is too young???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DrStealth, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. right then, were talking about 'age gap' here,
    is it right for a 40 yr old bloke to be dating a 19yr old? or will i be some kind of of a perv?

    i like student chics, i allways have, my local pub is the local student bar. great place for finding art students with 'intresting piercings',
    most are 20 somethings, not (that much) of an issue when it comes to going out with a 40yr old fella as myself.
    but theres this new girl i'v been chatting to, science student, very cute, allways nicely dressed, pleasent manners, switched on, wicked sence of facecious humour thats almost as bad as my own, and shes a drinker too, but she is only 19.

    she has just been asking me why i havnt wanted to take her out for a night on the lash,
    i was thinking that she was very nice and desirable, but too young to take out on a date.

    should i or shouldnt i? that is the question. :?
  2. Humphrey Bogart was 40 when He married Loran Bagall....Bachaul....Baguette whatever her name was. Guess how old she was ???? yep 19 mate your quids in GFI !
  3. Go for it! Definitely. You enjoy her company, she enjoys yours, what's the problem?

    I fancy a bloke at work who I've recently found out is 42 - and it wouldn't put me off!

    Best of Luck. :wink:
  4. You disgusting randy old pervert!

    well done, get in there.
  5. Go for it !...........just think, sometime you're going to be lying on your hospital bed with macmillan nurses pushing needles in you to ease the pain, and your going to be contemplating your navel and your life.............dont think 'shit, I wish I'd done that'......laugh and say ' I did that' !..........PS, has she got any mates who like over 40's too ?
  6. At the end of the day numbers are something that shouldn't be used as a reason to keep people apart, especially those who are old enough to make their own decisions. Happiness and the ability to brag about nailing a student should be high up on the for list.
  7. Your a 40 yr old bloke, with the chance of a shot on a 19 yr old girly ??? And you need advice on wether its right or not ???? You do need fcuking help mate !!!!!

  8. The only question is - can you keep up with her, or are you out of puff/sync/wood/manfat when she's just getting going....
  9. You must be a civie, no self respecting squad would ask such a ridiculous question!!!

    "prone position down!!"
  10. Sorry fella, I have to disagree with you there. The only question is.......... does she do the big A?
  11. Neither 19 or 40 is what it used to be. If she's smart enough to be at uni, she's smart enough to decide whether or not she wants to throw you one.

    Just be sure you don't end up putting her through school. (As I said, she ain't stupid.) ;)
  12. Just don't let the wife catch you. :D
  13. Im assuming that pearl of wisdom only applies to those over the age of consent?

    Why would any self respecting 19 year old look at a 40 year old godger unless:

    a) She's a fugly
    b) She's fat
    c) She's blinded to the beer gut & bald napper by £££££
    d) When you've finished bumming her she asks you to hold daddy did.

  14. 19 is too young and can only be a trophy bird...

    What can she talk about? she'll have no idea how to suck your hampton, her taste in music will be dire.

    On the plus side, she may be corruptable and easily led so your bound to be stuck up her starfish with the first couple of dates.

    19, not for me, out of interest, are her tits veiny?
  15. Or in MDN's case, if he slips her 50.