How you spending your Saturday night

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MSI64, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. Well just swatting for my Recruiters interview on Monday with a Lt Col
    Any one done one of these and have any tips?
    Wish me luck
  2. On the pi$$!!!

    For the interview - wear a suit, be honest and confident. Oh and be yourself. Good luck!
  3. Today, I mostly be working at Brands Hatch.

    I might have time for a beer or three later though
  4. Nice job!
  5. I think you may have misunderstood the initial post.
  6. Why? My first answer was to the thread title?
  7. As is mine: Poker night with the lads, my turn to host.

  8. I'm going to be dry bumming SparkySteve, while msr watches and Halo Jones licks my clack.

    Oh, and watching X Factor.
  9. The bit about the suit. He's probably best in uniform...
  10. Dale, do i get a reach-around this time? Your so damn inconsiderate.....
  11. Nope been told suited and booted
  12. Fair one, never been. My point was I think Soozi thought you meant your interview for joining up. Why I didnt just fcuking say that I dont know.
  13. Ah you're right Detonator!! I'm too busy thinking about the pub! Stoopid!
  14. enjoying my final days freedom before i go back to catterick tomorrow :(
  15. dringking