How you can tell your Regular staff don't trust / understand TA

1. Worst thing Ive heard of is the training major telling PSI s to write the units training programme as if the blokes where phase one soldiers

No account taken of the courses and quals of the soldiers or the fact that there not phase 1 soldiers. plenty of guys have been on ops and lots have up to date quals

2. just embarrassing when platoon sergeants arent allowed to deliver training for the next weekend because the TMs "training team will deliver that"

3. we're going overseas for camp this year and there are a number of weekends needed if you want to do that. the training had been so pump ( no FRAGO, no main event list, not even a broad outline like "your doing advance to contact" ) that blokes took themselves off the overseas trip and would rather go to garelochead

4. the overseas camp will have batsims with lots of PE. TM put out a trawl for an explosives officer. Unkown to him ( did he ask? dont think so..) the unit has a pioneer wo2 who pointed out that he existed. "But you're out of date says the TM, which would be understandable if the wo2 hadn't taken the trouble of keeping in-date and requalifying in november

and they really wonder why numbers are falling off

My unit did an overseas ex and weren't allowed off the tiny training area.

We could've done the whole ******* thing in Hyde Park and saved the country a fortune. The TM was the dullest mong I've ever met.

It was a few years ago now but it's still used by the blokes in my unit as an illustration of the army at its very worst. The story is usually preceded by the phrase, 'you think that's bad...'

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