How you are after lockdown

Nothings change for me, I started lockdown a fat cünt and remain a fat cünt.

I’m putting it down as a win.


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1.5 & 4, out on about 2 inches, going from a 32 to a 34 waist, but still out staggering around the countryside despite going arrse over tit on a few occasions
Are you me?
Even the waist increase is the same....


A mix of one and two. Gave up on beer quite early in as I look as it more of a social tipple, so stuck to a single rum or whisky as a nightly tipple. Never get drunk alone, it's a very bad habit to get into I think.
Excercise has been hit and miss due to an x-ray appointment on my hip getting postponed last March.
Finally had it in Jan and revealed severe athritis in my right hip with 'mild' developing in my left. I was in a great deal of pain towards the end. Now on some pretty good painkillers/anti-inflammatories which seem to do the job.
When I asked about a new hip I was fobbed off with 'you're too young yet', which is strange as I've a couple of freinds who had theirs in the late 40's (I'm 51).
I had my right knee replaced a few years ago (age 54). The surgeon told me that the issue is that if a second replacement would be needed, they are reluctant to do so due to the age you would be (about 25 years after the first, so mid-to late 70's?). The later on you have the first replacement, the less chance you would be around for another. Your guy obviously thinks that you are managing with pain killers and NSAID's, and could last a few more years without surgery.

As to the OP - not much of a drinker (always binged about 6 weeks apart). Weight kept at "fat bastard",, but slowly losing. A bit of (2), some (3) and a whole raft of Clint Eastwood.
I start a new job next month. Working outdoors and it's quite physical.

My Covid kilos from sitting behind the wheel of an NHS van should rapidly vanish.




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Nothings change for me, I started lockdown a fat cünt and remain a fat cünt.

I’m putting it down as a win.
Consistency wins every time. :)
3 gf"s daughter kept forcing me to drink cheeky vimtos so spent the last year sozzled


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Worked all the way through, gained a stone because I keep munching peanuts for some reason. My weight hadn’t changed for twenty years prior. Who wants a handful of my nuts?
Boringly no overall change. Dog walks 2 hrs a day, dealing with the green over winter. I'm still what I was when I retired only just under ten years older. Just f'kin bored witless with Covid.
No real change for me at all. If going into town I had to wear a mask when going into shops and buildings. My weight (I don't drink) is still the same and I was still able to get out and have my run and also walk the dogs.

Our State population is 1.5 million people and the medics reckon that all but one county down South in the State have had both vaccines. As a result of this all Covid restrictions are being dropped sometime next week so herself tells me.
3 gf"s daughter kept forcing me to drink cheeky vimtos so spent the last year sozzled
Yeah, "forced" you. Of course. Totally believable. :rolleyes:
No lockdown for me, started chunky, remain chunky, the winds get very strong on Shap, I need to stay rooted to the ground. XD
@Speedy, get your arrse over to RJAH Hospital Film
I saw Lt Col Meyer a few years ago about my knees (Chronic Osteoarthritis) and had an MRI. Both knees are in shite state but the pain is bearable (most days). As my mobility is OK at the moment and the pain is manageable, he did not recommend new knees just yet, but I can self refer back to him at any time when they really start to fall apart.
You will need a referral by your GP/specialist, just show them the clinic details and they can sign you up online.
Thnak you, I'll look into that, tbh, my local doctors gave me the results over the phone and I really didn't get chance to question her, but she did seem the be very offhand with my concerns.
My right knee is buggered from a rugby injury 20 years ago. It's starting to be a bit of a nuisance, but hopefully once I start my new job I'll drop off the Covid kilos and it'll be less pressure on the joint.

I'm not 50 yet so don't want to bugger about with knee replacement stuff.

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