how yo blouse mtp trousers over boots?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by pointboy, May 24, 2013.

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  1. Ok well I don't know where to post this because I'm still getting used to this forum but ii need to know how do I blouse my mtp trousers over my boots? I got told by a corpral in recruitment that you need to have you trouses bloused( well didn't say bloused but showed me his and said like that) well how do I do it? They never told me how to blouse them they only told me how to iron my combat shirt and that you iron out the crease out of the front of your trousers because you don't have a crease on them any more but didn't say how to blouse my trousers, so how do I blouses my trousers over my boots?
  2. No bite here sonny jim
  3. Elastic band over boot. Tuck trousers under elastic band.
  4. So I put an elastic band on the inside of my trousers? Do I also tie the ties on the base of the trousers as well?
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  5. i used a couple of light chains trouser tucked in gaitors chains taking wieght od trousers
  6. ... and all the way through my career, and what my dad called it through his. Twists came on a bit of cardboard that said "99p" on one side, and "Trouser Blousers" on the other

    We worked with some yanks for a while, and they all used big 2" wide elastic with velcro on the end, so the skinny green bungy with hooks we used weren't of yank origin


    Brit at the top (note name), yank underneath
  10. Doesn't really matter, but pulling them tight can make putting the bungees on easier.
  11. "Blouse", I'm told, means "to gather" such as the sleeves on a woman's shirt, the waist on a "blouson" jacket etc, but I've been told that bit by a woman, so may very well be a load of pap.

    I've always, in my 40 plus years, known it as "blousing", but the bits themselves as "elastics" or "twists"
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