How would you want to be called a "Backwoodsman"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pimpernel, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. I coudn't help but feel a wee bit miffed that a Senior Tory aka Michael Gove has sounded off at the grassroot members for opposing change and Camerons leadership. Am I right in thinking that the Political masters in Westminster of all colours have bitten the hands that feed them, and that the once Tory landslide could well become the nightmare scenario of a hung parliament?
  2. I didn't think "backwoodsman" is actually a derogatory term; it normally means someone who is an expert in the wilderness - a hunter, trapper, prospector, explorer, etc.
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I think in this case the mighty Gove is referring to the kind of neanderthals who don't live in North Kensington (and who the fcuk would want to?) and have never 'flipped' the designation of their main residence for financial gain.
  4. Thanks for that Cpunk, I was thinking along those lines too, sort of vote for us but then shut up as we know best - Git!
  5. Backwoodsman is invariably derogatory in the context of dull, suitwearing, "meat comes from Waitrose, not animals" types.

    Is it just me that suspects they know just what a financial mess the country is in, and what hugely unpopular measures will be required - and are playing to lose?
  6. Better than being called a back doorsman I suppose
  7. I think it's impossible to tell until the election is called. That's when we'll see the big guns wheeled out and Cameron should have more than enough ammunition to shoot Labour down in flames. Whether he will or not is another matter...
  8. I think being called a "Backwoodsman" implies that you are a Man who takes Wood from the back,to be honest......not my cup of tea!!!!
  9. I agree the election and how it is conducted will tell all, but to win they need their "backwoodsmen" to do the donkey work leaflets - polling stations and all the other thankless jobs.
  10. The term 'backwoodsman' is normally used to describe a peer who rarely attends the House of Lords.
  11. If the Tories don't form the next Government then it's all down to mi lurd Ashcroft s lad Camerroon.
  12. Michael Gove - in fact 99% of them are - is an effeminate, metro-sexual, urban sh1t. If it doesn't take place in London between 1800 hrs on Sunday and 1000 hrs the following Saturday, then it is of at best marginal interest. The countryside, presumably the backwoods too, is somewhere you visit, like a bizarre rural theme park.

    It must be my age but if London were to disappear up its own fundament tomorrow, leaving prime grazing on the banks of the Thames, I don't think we would miss it. we certainly would appreciate the reduction oin overheads and interference.

  13. Yup. And also doesn't like sharing his (tax payer paid for) 1st Class rail carriage with us oiks.
  14. It's a lot to do with Lord Ashcroft as well. lots of people are saying that the Tories should come clean about his tax status.
  15. At least Ashcroft can only be accused of tax avoidance eh Sven? Unlike Lib-Dem supporters who hand over buckets of money then abscond to avoid jail for fraud. Is that ringing any bells or is it just the sound of glass houses being shattered by stones?

    Lots of people are saying you are an idle waster but we don't listen to them either!