How would you kill a chav ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. Merely a theoretical question.
  2. Meat and two veg :) i.e. wholesome food, the reason being their whole lives have been dominated by a diet of E24's, bad fat and added colouring. Give the little darlins something decent and their system can't take it....easy hey :) lol
  3. Garrotted with your reeking, steaming, freshly-ripped-out entrails.
  4. Slowly and painfully, by any and, quite possibly,every means possible ^^
  5. Choked with your shrivelled, scrofulous, still-twitching genitals.
  6. While I was thinking how to kill him/her/it I'd shit in it's Hoodie and then make them pull the hood up over their head.
  7. Rectally impaled with your smashed...oh fuck it!
  8. Meat and two veg? Yep that's certainly wholesome food. But I imagine that most chavs get plenty of that already.
  9. Vasti, with what's left of me I'd batter them to death with the one intact kneecap. Slowly....... but with verve.
  10. Slow is good, especially when televised.:-D
  11. Chav fighting in a cage of ever decreasing razor wire.
    Or the Noel Edmonds bungee jump.
  12. a nice slow and painfull death, start by chopping the tips of fingers and toes and work inwards
  13. Show them this thread.

    They would take their own lives.
  14. With their dying breaths they might give you some O2