How would you greet your new neighbour? ...

Call him a fat ginger mong and run away. Quickly. Very quickly. History has proven that to be the best defence when insulting (former)inmates of such places

sent from my sony android gucci thing using sausage fingers and dyslexiacheckspell
I'd ask him what he did with the blond bint with big tits who lived next door.


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I very much doubt that sort of person will be moving into anywhere near where I live. So it ain't a fucking issue, is it?
Welcome him with a 9mm to his ugly gob.
Kick his cunt in. It's a pre-emptive strike and therefore legal.
Alternatively you could sneak into his room at night and slip it inside him, it's legal as long as you are a crab. :)
Ooh Ooh Ooh, deport the cunt to Germany and let him move in near me please, life without mortal enemies just isn't worth living.....

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