How would you escape?

tunnel here

as the the thread suggests how would you get out of dodge?
classic :D
you have to give the man credit for creativity!

if it was me i'd probably still be there with my plastic spoon, trying to dig a tunnel. 8)
Tut. They just don't crawl through 500yds of sewage like the good old days of the Shawshank Redemption any more, do they? Hiding in a box? What's the world coming to?

He'll be serving kebabs on The Street in Gladbach.
Sometimes thinking outside the box is the wrong move.

Parka for one, please.
I'd get on my secret PRR (hidden discretely in my watch), call for Toppers and the 2 killer dogs: "Hello Toppers, it's Slug - bring the smellies" (that's secret code); I'd then ask Sandy the Guv if he was busy and would he mind helping me out (He's massive - you don't mess with him) and would he mind doing a bit of windmilling.

I'd then run like fuck and shimmy under the fence and leave them lot there to face the music. (Obviously I would have to carry the smelliest dog - he doesn't do running).

Alternatively, I would just ask Outstanding to come along and talk to them about wearing uniform in MB or PAYD - that's enough for anyone to want to kill themselves.

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