How would you ease prison overcrowding?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Seagull, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Like this?

    In other words let them out earlier again. :pissedoff:

    Personally i think 4 man cells with the toilet, table, playstation & tv removed to make room for the bunks would be the winner. They can share a bucket.
  2. Too soft... how about this:

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  3. bring back hanging???
  4. Exactly, execute lifers. :x
  5. Anyone seen anything of the Brits behind bars series?

    Living in these conditions might help with the over crowding thing...

    The place actually reminds me of camp south in Oman!


    PS the guy on the video gobbed off big stylleee before going in saying he was gonna show the yanks what a real hard brit prisoner was all about....then wanted to crawl up his own arrse from the moment he got in there....Nonce
  6. daily issue of Sennacot 4 tablets stat...then (4) qds..followed by a high bowel irrigation.....never fails... excellent for movement!!!!
  7. Easy one that ... jail less people ............. HANG MORE !!!
  8. Make it a pay per view event and it won't even cost the tax payer anything. It could even turn a profit.
  9. They could always start with deporting those that aren't British nationals, and paying the country that takes them back to house them in their prisons. Those that have been jailed for child abuse should be hung.
    Those that are lifers should be sent to devils island or a place very much the same made to live of the land to get by.

    The problem is they all have rights and the victims have pain. Somethings not right.
  10. They could get a lottery grant to keep them in rope! Chumpy knows where to get some dead good stuff like what 'they' use...
  11. Build more prisons.

    Improve crime detection rates.

    Jail more offenders, as an example to potential offenders.

    Make their families pay for their board & lodging, as in the 18th century.
  12. Problem is there are brits in prison overseas and we would have to take them back :x.


    Bring back the idi amin style of sledge hamer and the promise of freedom :wink:
  13. Zyklon B.
  14. Allways liked the "pay as you do bird" idea. :D

    Also we need to get away from crime and justice and move to crime and punishment. i.e. if someone is murdered or mugged or assaulted you just pick up the nearest scrote and send them down for the prescribed term. the fear of being dragged away would result in a reduction in crime eventually as anyone with a record would be so sh*t scared of getting the tug that they would be activly seeking a redemption fron the authority's and would grass up the real culprits.......possibly....who cares eventually no crime! :twisted:

    "...and this is room 101....." god what a good book.
  15. ...and anyone who has committed the same crime three times or more.