How would the Yanks like an Osama B-L TV interview?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jul 30, 2005.

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  2. Given the moral standards of most media whores, the yank TV big hitters (Oprah , Rivera et al) would probably queue up to interview OBL, Hitler, Stalin Pol Pot (sic) or any other murdering shite that would bump up their ratings. After all, that is far more important to them than any concern for good taste, moral propriety or dutyt o not give any purveyor of terror the oxygen of publicity.
  3. It's one thing if it was just for the benefit of the trailer-park demographic, a la Jerry Springer. But this is being done by supposedly respectable news outlets. Proof that when you come down to it, it's all about selling a product. I worked in media nearly ten years :oops: (put my career on official hiatus two weeks ago, thank yew Jeezis) and I am still amazed at how low the bar can go.

    But I wouldn't knock Oprah completely. If she got one bored, bloated American housewife to actually read something via her Book Club — even if it was "Memoirs of a Geisha" — then she's done more to raise our collective IQ than a whole year of Fox news. :roll:
  4. Respectable news outlets my arse. You mean respectable as in claiming that documents made using MS Word were authentic documents produced 30 some odd years ago? Or do you mean respectable as in showing a motor vehicle exploding in a roll over crash and the network people just happened to have rigged the vehicle with explosives?

    At least Fox News tells you which side they are rooting for.....and it isn't the team featuring OBL and al Qaeda or this Shamil Basayev character.

    ABC News respectable....give me a break.
  5. Few details:

    The journalist who got interview with Shamil Basayev - mr.Babitsky is working on radio "Freedom" (USA funded). One can say that ABC as a private company has right to show what it wants. But how it possible that money of American taxpayers are using to get interview with children-killers?

    Do you see a problem there?

    I can imagine a reaction in the UK if Russian TV would show interview with organiser of blasts in London.
  6. Absolutely I see a problem....It is an outrage. Reminds me of when John Miller of ABC News interviewed Osama Bin Laden about 7 years ago, except this case is probably worse. At least the OBL interview occurred before 09/11/01. Hell CNN even interviewed OBL in 1997.

    It seems that Babitsky interviewed Basayev on the TV show "ABC News Nightline". ABC is hiding behind their 1st amendment rights of freedom of speech which is no surprise.
    They don't care about right vs. wrong....they only care about getting good ratings.

    BTW, I looked up some information on this Babitsky reporter. He is about as American as you are KGB. I'm sure he has an agenda with his report.

    Andrei Babitsky was born in Moscow on September 26, 1964. He studied philology at Moscow State University. During the perestroika years, Andrei took part in the human rights movement. From 1987-89, he was on the editorial board of Sergei Grigoryant's journal, "Glasnost." As a result of his human rights activism, Babitsky was subject to administrative arrest.

    Babitsky became a Radio Liberty correspondent in 1989. During the August 1991 putsch, he reported from the Russian White House. He was given an award by the RFE/RL president for "outstanding journalism during the 19-23 August 1991 events when he risked his life."

    In October 1993, Andrei reported on the burning of the parliament as the RFE/RL parliamentary correspondent. He also covered Tajikistan and north Caucasus hot spots. During the first Chechen war, Babitsky was the RFE/RL special correspondent reporting directly from the war zone.

    From 1996 until 1999, he worked in Moscow and the north Caucasus. In August 1999 he covered military operations in Dagestan. Reporting from Grozny, Babitsky has been the special RFE/RL correspondent since November 1999. Andrei Babitsky was the only non-Chechen reporter who has stayed in the devastated Chechen capital after the Russian government's attack on Grozny.