How would Frank fair nowadays with ATOS tests after Operation Knockknee?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DannyDiehard, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Francis Etim - working2gether

    "What work have you been doing Mr Etim ?"

    "Well I have been hurling myself about a farm in Wales, a farm sometimes visited by a Mark Yates, usual stuff Uzis, Muslims and Brecon Beacons. In between times I go to Oregon to set up jihad challenge training for a Muslim mechanic and his learning difficulty brother. And I work in a kitchen."

    "Remarkable and you did this with a fecked up knee and painful foot"

    "Well I was trying for my motability armoured car at the time weren't I ?"

    "As a terrorist suspect you are awarded nil points"
  2. Mustard or mayonnaise on salt beef?
  3. Mayonnaise? What are you, French? Mustard is the condiment of kings.
  4. Don't quite get the point here? Any ideas?
  5. Nobody cared when you were Knocknee, no one cared when you were Bounce Banana and no one cares now.

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  6. Mustard, but only if it's on crusty bread.
    Otherwise it's horseradish sauce.
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  7. Oh... I like horseradish sauce, but only the German/Czech type. The typical Brit stuff is way too mild.
  8. Just dig up your own wild horseradish, it grows in most rural hedgerows and is a lot more pungent than the tepid shite sold in shops.

  9. Aye but mind your knucles when grating it.
  10. I know electricity isn't available down your way. But I use a food processor to grate mine.
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  11. Nice dollop of tomato ketchup.
  12. I used to pick it with my grandad by the banks of the Thames in Chiswick when I was a nipper...
  13. philestine
  14. No, Strand on the Green.
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  15. Sorry I meant that for sunnoficcraus but you got in there first....