How would a European army work?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Would it be standardised kit all round, or host nations retainign their own structures, but under a central command, and given that some nations are famed for being, shall we say, 'less aggressive' and disciplined when it comes to the crunch, would UK troops be made to train and hold lower standards of dicipline and conduct like some of the former 'long haired' armies of the Benelux countries? or would our troops be in higher demand, and as such shoulder a higher burnden than other nations?
    All very confusing.
    A plus point though is that you may get some nice sunny mainland Europe postings :)
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It would be something like the US military of the 30's, it would be small, go nowhere and do nothing.
  3. It would be complete clusterfcuk, but the writing is most certainly on the wall.......

    The Germans and French deciding where to send the British Army!!!
  4. We have been debating this at Oxford with General Jackson, we think the US army of the thirties, with us just sending the dross to it, retaining our forces for ourselves, but sending the like of pte Golden, and other such numpties to serve there, in no way will we allow our forces under foreign control, we retained the sterling, we will retain our armed forces, end of debate, Germany and France wish to rule Europe in a coalition, just like they have always wanted, our feeling is that vichy france was close to it, watch out gentleman, this could get nasty, european war 3,
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Europe has had such an unprecedented period of peace and security for the last 20+ years that they think the world is a nice place, because on the whole they can ignore the nasty bits. On this I'm a pessimist and think somebody is going to rock their world (to coin a phrase). So I'd be vary worried about throwing my lot in with the majority of them, past history, on the whole, has not been very encouraging.
  6. Europe owes the peace it has enjoyed to two nations, the US and the UK. These two nations have poured billions into defending Europe, and all the Europeans have done is whinge.

    I feel sick about all this nonsense.
  7. If this is coming from Oxford, it is nearly unintelligible...if English is not your first language, then I apologise, if it is, then, you need to revise before you submit.

    Good God, have our standards of education slipped this bad?
  8. Oxford lunatic asylum more like. thestoat is our local troll. He's just a bellend. Ignore him.
  9. Bollocks.

    Falls, Ord and I will run it.
  10. The European Army would be made up of Portuguese, Italian and spanish toms, hiding from bullying German NCOs while the French officers played billiards and knobbed their mistresses. which is quite difficult, I've tried, I know!

    The British personnel would be in the ration stores with their Swedish female comrades.

    Wet canteen would never close much to the astonishment of the Danish RPs...
  11. EU Army - what a scary thought! Imagine having an Italian general in charge. Nice coffees though..
  12. Badly. Next question please.
  13. As its already been debated on here before & mainly stated it would'nt work, far too many complications, but the EU always get what they want don't they? The Lisbon Treaty is proof of that!

    An uncertain future lies ahead, especially in these hard Economic times,
  14. A European Army?

    The rank and file would spend all day holding surrender drills including the correct way to disarm yourself and hand over your weapons in a safe manner and being taught how to say I surrender in all the worlds main marshall languages… English, Chinese and Indian.

    EuroOfficers would sleep in till lunchtime, then would spend the afternoon practicing writing surrender letters and the correct protocols for signing Instruments of Surrender.