How worried, if at all.....

;D  ;D  ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D

Very political my friend, this is not the place to discuss it.


Regards N Genfire
Ah, but I do remember seeing this upon entering this site:

Welcome to the ARRSE, an unofficial website designed to be an informative, topical and amusing resource for members of the British Army, both regular and TA.  Follow the links above to explore the site.

What JHC is up to is certainly topical thereby fulfilling at least one of the requirements for posting here...

Interested in your opinion.......
Stained, me old mucker
Most, if not all, of my posts attempt humour and I steer clear of political or policy threads, I have refrained from using PPrune because it has become a site I no longer enjoy reading or contributing too as (to my mind and in my opinion) it is no longer Fun.

Work schmerk I come here to take the mickey and banter with like minded people. The Army is my life and my crust earner, but do I want to talk about it in my off hours?

No, each to their own, and bu**er the enemy, good luck with your thread, you may get a decent conversation but it's just not for me. (He says after posting this in reply!!!).

N Genfire
We are on the same wavelength Genfire... I do love the banter here but the JHC comment is something that concerns me so I'll just let this one run its course and see if any pilots comment... Totally agree about PPrune though!   :D
 Firstly I take it that you are the same stained who used to frequent the deathstar board? What happened to that?

 Secondly, after a day spent in the very same hangar as you earned your GSM I`ve not heard about any JHC cutbacks, can you give me a quick update?

N Genfire,
  I understand what you say re work/free time and that but exactly what did you expect to find in the Aviation department of this board? Cooking tips for Lynx crews?
Muff, NGen is more likely to share his eating tips for Lynx crews, harsh but ultimately fair!  8)

Agree about PPRuNe, still using it, but the Mil forum is absolutely dead now we have all left, the hot topic is "Aircrew retention latest"!

So if if you won't talk about politics, you're too married for sex, so that only leaves religion.

So tell me, have you allowed the Lord into your life? (and no, I don't mean Flashard)
     Just been on PPRuNe for the first time in ages, decent thread re a Flt Lt from this very station writing a letter to the Telegraph and basically putting his plums on the line in the memory of a fellow pilot. Good to see!

    Still single (I`m too selfish for a spouse, kids etc) and am only happy to go to the house of God in November with my (ill fitting) brown suit on.

    Anyhow, steady with the Pimms!
Muff Daddy, I have a friend who may know the person to whom you refer...Deathstar is still up but not being used much now....shame, it was a laugh for a while.  Haven't given up on it yet though ;)  JHC are stripping back the manpower to a level where it is becoming worrying...  We are in the process of losing 30 bods with no corresponding reduction in the number of cabs and we are no exception.  It doesn't help when JHC counts blackhats awaiting trade training as technicians in our CEG!  There are problems getting them onto courses and the same applies to UG.   The knock-on is felt at 1st and 2nd line.  Combine this false accounting with an ageing fleet, limited spares and ever-increasing commitments and I can see us having problems providing the pilots with cabs and it doesn't bear thinking about if we can't keep them current!  Short-term we will manage 'cos the REME 'make-do' thing will kick in but my concern is for the medium to long-term.  Apparently there are some very clever people at JHC working on this but I met one of them and he had hair growing on the end of his if he can't see that!..........
touche muff,

Woopert, I can still talk about food !!!!!! I am indeed an expert.

I was recenntly kicked off of fat club for gaining two stone on a weigh in, (I ate a gazelle jockey b4 breakfast!)

as for Religion, like the muff (DO you happen to be a diver?) I put the skin tight suit on in november and feel the tingles on the neck and sing in my bestest voice.

;D N Genfire
Muff, indeed that thread is evidence, if ever it were needed, that the RAF system does occaisionally fail completely and they let a decent chap through the system. Indeed, I would buy that man a very large drink indeed where he to walk into my mess (though him being a crab I wouldn't admit to being his friend, but that's the price you pay for joining a service that allows the proletariat in its Officer Corps).

Indeed C***n if you happen to be reading this, they really are made of brass and I have the utmost respect for what you have done. Tell me, did they pick up your suicidal tendencies at the OASC?

NGen, I have seen that tight brown suit of yours. Indeed it was so tight we were able to tell what religion you are without asking! (oooooh sir! dressing to the left sir! Suits YOU sir!)

I have a few ideas for the family-friendly restaraunt BTW, will email off-line.

I'm not having a go, but it would really be much better if you did not air this thread, or other things like it, in public.  It does two things:

1.  It causes ill-informed debate which does no-one any favours.
2.  It puts people off from using the forum for stuff which is interesting and relevant.

Here's something interesting and relevant:

Did you know that if you are using your annual training grant (now around £150) for a course, you can claim MMA for the same course.  The MMA is not subtracted from your grant, but from your unit T&S budget.  You can use as little of your training grant as you like (say £5) and repeat the process as often as your budget manager will let you.
Mark IX, I'm not having a go either but.....

....this subject is interesting and relevant to both of us......I have to fix them and you and I have to fly in them.....  You mentioned ill-informed debating...Are you well-informed?....  Why is everyone so scared to debate stuff like this, or at least pass comment on it?  OK, its a rhetorical question.....This isn't though... Why was a team sent out to every unit to try and establish the causes of perceived ground/aircrew worries about.. (I think you know where I'm going)   My point isn't that these cutbacks etc are going to lead to deaths, god forbid, but rather that they may lead to overworked BATS with low morale.... Intelligent guys are not going to hang around in those conditions for long despite their professionalism and as soon as the last part of your post becomes common knowledge, they'll be off this ship even before it starts sinking.....  There is no FRI for us.  Then try to remain current....if its not difficult enough already!  Incidentally, this is not autobiographical.... I'm out within 12 months anyway....  Just worried about what I'm leaving behind me.........  

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