how will this be done???????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_grand_dad, Jan 26, 2004.

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  1. Army to shed 900 troops to save cash

    IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent January 26 2004

    THE British Army, already more than 4000 men under strength, has been told to shed 900 regular soldiers before April 1 to save money from the Ministry of Defence's overstretched budget.
    Regimental commanding officers have been ordered to identify individuals regarded as "surplus to requirements" who could be discharged quickly to remove them from the Army's payroll over the next two months.
    The move, described by one commander yesterday as "a Treasury stealth cut", is also aimed at saving millions in pensions by terminating soldiers' service at seven, nine or 12 years. Full payment begins at 22 years.
    The decision to axe 900 men and women – the equivalent of a battalion and a half – follows a recruitment freeze last November because the Army had run short of training funds.
    The Royal Scots, the oldest regiment in the Army and the worst-recruited north of the border, has been blocked from enlisting experienced South African volunteers to help reduce its manning problems until the new financial year.
    The army board's executive committee, the decision-making body composed of the most senior officers, also issued a directive halting the employment of members of the reserve volunteer forces to plug skills gaps in regular units.
    That order prompted the commanders of 70 units to write to the directorate of manning, protesting that the efficient running of their regiments would be compromised if they could no longer employ reservists to fill key slots.
    About 60 members of the SAS's two territorial battalions have been taking part in the hunt for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan for the past eight months.
    They are among almost 1100 reservists propping up overstretched frontline units on the same rates of pay and allow-ances as their regular colleagues.
    A senior officer said yesterday: "We are experiencing the kind of stop-go policy switches which are certain to increase our manpower woes. Asking people to hang about until the new financial year before they enlist is no way to run an army.
    "It is especially galling when that army is stretched to breaking point, facing open-ended tours in Iraq and increasingly demoralised by broken promises and lack of a duty of care by its own government. The equipment shortages in Iraq are only the tip of the iceberg.
    "We were told the gaps between major deployments would be 24 months. Reality is eight months … The most experienced people vote with their feet and leave. It's a vicious circle the bean counters don't seem to understand," he added.
    Senior officers representing Britain's 38,000 TA part-timers have, meanwhile, been invited to a seminar next month to begin drawing up the blueprint for restructuring the force to make it more readily usable as backup to its regulars.
    A major problem will be persuading the civilian employers of key "weekend warriors" to be prepared to release individuals for regular six-month tours of duty.
  2. Frankly, nothing suprises me these days...
  3. MELTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    stag on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and.... you get the picture :cry:
  5. Complete Bollocks!
  6. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    "A major problem will be persuading the civilian employers of key "weekend warriors" to be prepared to release individuals for regular six-month tours of duty."

    Oh really. Well I know what my employer would say..... and it wouldn't be "off you go mate, good luck", it would be "Here's the door...".

    Really these morons are not in touch with the real world are they??

    (not that I'm pretending to be a "key individual" you understand!)

  7. That would be the ( six weeks pre deployment training, six month in theatre and month post tour leave ) six months, would it?
  8. LOL @ 6 Months

    Try 9. 8O

    Mind you, aren't there some 3 month tours finally filtering through on a trial basis?
  9. yes so you can do 6 months in Iraq then 3 months in bosnia then 3 months in Northern ireland
  10. LOL!

    Just had coffee come through my nose!

    Top Sardonic comment Nurse :D :D
  11. No - 6 months in each and a quick sly 6 months in Kosovo and a rude Iron Anvil, then a cheeky little Falklands tour.

    Have I missed anything out???
  12. HERE WE GO :?

    Dr Julian Lewis (New Forest East):To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what instructions have been given to Army commanding officers on identifying individuals who may no longer be regarded as necessary by their units.