How will the redundancies effect new recruits?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Kane1993, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm planning to join the Para's this year but after hearing about the reduncies in the army I was wondering what my chances of getting in will be now. If anyone can shed any light on the matter would be much appreciated :)
  2. Redundancies will not affect recruitment in the slightest, especially for the infantry. We'll always need Private soldiers and those we don't we can get rid of through natural wastage (blokes getting out).
  3. Nonsense - as if you would know current procedures.
  4. Course I do. My lads just joined.
  5. Did he go Para? Or did you put him off?
  6. He in Para depot now but is transferring to HCav as he is gay and not a chip off the old block. He's got fucked knees apparently.

    The ******* quem.
  7. He'll get over it, as will you, the difference is you won't admit it.

    Good luck to him in any event.
  8. Redundancies enhance the future promotion lottery for current (successful) recruits because there's less "deadwood" downstream blocking the channel, if you get my drift.

    I apologise in advance for anyone offended by the above, it was written and meant, generally. Of course, most of the people getting redundancy are NOT "deadwood".
  9. I'm not fussed in the slightest to be honest. I'm just glad he's actually in the army.
  10. Technically they are. They are surplus to requirements. Doesn't mean they are mongs though.
  11. My son is doing recruiting for next two years, and definately still taking them in. That current enough for you.
  12. Yep, phrased much better than my effort. "You're not a mong but you are deadwood though, shut the barrier on yer way out, ...NEXT".
  13. Disco/Forastero will love this thread.
  14. Those answers, whilst close, are not the whole truth. The redundancies are a result of a review (SDSR) which has made the Army smaller, and though new recruits will still be needed, the number needed will be reduced to reflect the smaller size of the Army. This will affect recruiting in one of two ways, 1. Entry standards will be increased, or 2. Waiting times will increase.
  15. thanks for your response guys, better get my application in sharpish and get into training =)